Alexandra Trusova: “Refuse from jumping triple axel means to lose”

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Alexandra Trusova commented on her performance in the Short program at the European Championships and triple axel attempt.

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source: dd. 13th January 2021 by Maia Bagryantseva

Trusova fell on the triple axel and placed 3d after the short program (75.13)

Alexandra Trusova: Well, today, as usual, triple axel didn’t turn out in the program. I will work – I hope it will work out. For some reason, in competitions it still does not work out for me, in training everything works out, there are already 70% of successful attempts. Probably, this is a psychological moment, after all, it’s the most difficult jump for me. But to refuse from jumping it means to lose, after all I have been trying to do it for three years now.

Working with a psychologist? I myself understand well what is wrong here, what needs to be done, and, probably, I can already guess what the psychologist will tell me. In addition, my mother is always with me, and probably she partly does the work of a psychologist – she always listens to me and supports me.


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One response to “Alexandra Trusova: “Refuse from jumping triple axel means to lose””

  1. ioanykie says:

    There’s a concept called “professional help”. One could argue it doesn’t replace hard work or anything, but it could help, maybe.
    I mean anyway it would probably not help much in the little time left until the olympics. Wish her the best !

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