Evgeni Plushenko: I assure you that Trusova will be a completely new Trusova next season

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Evgeni Plushenko promised that in the new season we will see new Alexandra Trusova and also intrigued with other [...]

Alexei Zheleznyakov, choreographer in Tutberidze group: Plushenko shouldn’t think small, he should hire Tutberidze

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Interview with Alexei Zheleznyakov, choreographer in the group of Eteri Tutberidze. The specialist told about [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: We are young and daring, so we set the task of becoming World, European and Olympic champion.

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Interview with Evgeni Plushenko. Plushenko told about further work with Alexandra Trusova in his academy, who will [...]

Alexandra Trusova left Tutberidze’s group

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According to Russian sports platform Sport24, Alexandra Trusova changed her coach, moving from Eteri Tutberidze to [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: Zagitova and Medvedeva earn very little

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Interview with Evgeni Plushenko about his academy, changes in figure skating and Instagram discussion with Tutberidze. [...]

The drama around Alina Zagitova’s decision to take a pause in her career

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Many commented on Alina Zagitova's decision to take a pause in her career, but the most exciting dialog happened [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: Boys train differently, they feel sorry for themselves

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Evgeni Plushenko about his son, Alina Zagitova, Evgenia Medvedeva and Russian men's skating. Dmitri Kuznetsov for [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: I believe that Zagitova can skate till the next Olympics and win there

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Evgeni Plushenko about Alina Zagitova. by sport-express.ru Roman Kostomarov (2006 Olympic champion in ice dance [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: Yuzury’s free program is interesting, but he can make it much better

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Evgeni Plushenko about Yuzuru Hanyu's free program "Dedication Nijinsky". Evgeni: I met with Yuzu in the summer in [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: If Zagitova and Medvedeva skate their programs clean, Tuktamysheva will not beat them

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Evgeni Plushenko about Evgenia Medvedeva, Alina Zagitova and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva: If Zagitova and Medvedeva skate [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: Anastasia Tarakanova will have a quad by the end of the season

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Evgeni Plushenko about his student Anastasia Tarakanova who won her second JGP and got the JP Final. Evgeni: Nastya [...]

Anastasia Tarakanova left Eteri Tutberidze’s group

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Anastasia Tarakanova left Eteri Tutberidze's group and joined Evgeni Plushenko's Academy. Comment from Evgeni [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: The new judging system is a way to nowhere

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Evgeni Plushenko about his son's first competitions, his students and upcoming changes of the rules. -I'm satisfied [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: It was necessary to support Serafima. To make her believed in herself

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Interview with coach Evgeni Plushenko. About his work with Serafima Sakhanovich and her performnce at Skate America [...]

Evgeni Plushenko is to coach Serafima Sakhanovich

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Evgeni Plushenko got a new student. Serafima Sakhanovich announced that now she trains with Evgeni Plushenko in his [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: in women’s skating we are ahead of the whole planet

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Translation of an interview with coach Evgeni Plushenko. About his first experience as a coach, keeping the old [...]

Evgeni Plushenko debuted as a coach

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This week Evgeni Plushenko debuted as a coach. Two his students competed at local Moscow competitions. Ksenia [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [06.08-13.08.2017]

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Time for our Sunday tradition! More and more photos from the ice appears on skaters' Instagrams! Season is [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: Adelina plans to participate in the test skates in September

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Who missed coach Plushenko? Recently he's gavin another comment about his star-student Adelina Sotnikova. This time [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [11.06-18.06.2017]

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Not many photos were posted this week, probably skaters are back to work) Ok, let's not forget that it's a blog [...]

Adelina Sotnikova will decide about her intentions to compete after May 20

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While someone only dreams about his own figure skating school, someone already has it. Evgeni Plushenko has his own [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [09.04-16.04.2017]

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It's Sunday! Time to check Instagram, so grab some coffee and let's go! Part 1 “Photos on the ice” Ah [...]

Figure skating babies: Plushenko junior

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Recently I came across an Instagram account of Plushenko's son and couldn't pass by. Little Alexander Plushechenko is [...]

Alexei Mishin: Elizaveta’s jumps are unique.

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Alexei Mishin about Elizaveta Tuktamysheva's performance at Skate Canada. A.M.: I'm dissatisfied with the result. [...]