Ilia Averbukh: To fight on equal terms, Medvedeva needs a quadruple jump

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Ilia Averbukh commented on Alexandra Trusova and Evgenia Medvedeva's performance at Skate Canada 2019. Ilia: [...]

Alena Leonova: Competition begets progress

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Alena Leonova about Russian national team in ladies skating. by Rustam Imamov for dd. [...]

Tatiana Tarasova: Girls can’t do quads in the short program, but the progress can’t be stopped this way

Posted on 2019-09-23 • 1 comment

Tatiana Tarasova and Ilia Averbukh commented on Alexandra Trusova's performance with two world records at Ondrej [...]

Alexandra Trusova: I will work on complicating the program and learning new jumps

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Alexandra Trusova commented on her performance at the Russian test skates 2019. [...]

Alexandra Trusova: First senior season will become a new level in sports for me

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Interview with Alexandra Trusova and her dad. About upcoming season, quads and shows. by Ekaterina Bespalova for [...]

Elena Radionova: Now commenting you will think twice what to say because fans can start hating you even for some innocent phrase

Posted on 2019-07-01 • 3 comments

Interview with Elena Radionova. About World Championships, current situation in Russian ladies' single skating, quads, [...]

Alexandra Trusova: I like the process of learning new jumps

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Interview with Alexandra Trusova after winning her second World title. by Olga Ermolina and Tatjana Flade for [...]

Alexandra Trusova:I would also like to learn a triple axel and a quadruple loop

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Short interview with Alexandra Trusova after winning her second world junior title. by Evgeni Nesin for dd [...]

Alexandra Trusova: To do something better than others, it is necessary to do it more than others

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Interview with Alexandra Trusova. by Tatiana Badalova for photo by Alexandra, [...]

Alexandra Trusova: The next quad will be flip

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Alexandra Trusova about her performance at Russian Nationals 2019. Alexandra: In general, I'm satisfied with my [...]

Russian Nationals 2019: ladies short program [short comments]

Posted on 2018-12-21 • 1 comment

Russian Nationals 2019. Ladies short program. Some comments from the girls. Polina Tsurskaya (11th place after [...]

Irina Slutskaya: Athlete should never stop. In no case he can stand still, as well as look back to the past

Posted on 2018-12-13 • 3 comments

Interview with Irina Slutskaya about the results of Grand Prix Final, which caused a storm of negativity from Alina [...]

Eteri Tutberidze: To stay in juniors longer is a huge regress for girls

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Another short interview with Eteri Tutberidze. Oh, she's very very talkative these days. Sasha Trusova did something [...]

Eteri Tutberidze: There’s a factor of fear in quad jumps

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Eteri Tutberidze about quad jumps. Eteri: There's a factor of fear in quad jumps. Sasha is fearless. And there is [...]

Tatiana Tarasova: The group of Eteri Tutberidze showed an absolutely phenomenal result

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Tatiana Tarasova about junior test skates: The group of Eteri Tutberidze, Sergei Dudakov and Daniel Gleyhenhaus [...]

Alexandra Trusova: I want to do something that no one has done before

Posted on 2018-08-09 • 2 comments

Translation of the video interview with Alexandra Trusova after junior test skates. video by Olga E Sasha, [...]

Russian junior test skates. Ladies [+video]

Posted on 2018-08-08 • 1 comment

Thanks to people who was able to get to the Russian junior test skates in Novogorsk we have some video. I thought it [...]

Alexandra Trusova: I always wanted to do what nobody does

Posted on 2018-04-17 • 2 comments

Interview with Alexandra Trusova. About quads, her family and comments on Internet. Sasha, do you remember the times [...]

Nina Mozer: The Sochi Games were a holiday, these ones were a severe test

Posted on 2018-04-04 • 1 comment

Translation of the rest parts of recent press conference with Russian skaters and coaches. part with Eteri [...]

Daniil Gleichengauz: I feel like a big dad or even a big mom who has so many children

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Tatjana Flade's interview with Daniil Gleichengauz (young and handsome coach from Tutrberidze's group :) ) About the [...]

Alexandra Trusova: I’d like to compete with boys

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Tatjana Flade's interview with Junior World Champion and World recordsetter Alexandra Trusova. Sasha what do you [...]