Anjelika Krylova: We are doing a tremendous job and it should be judged appropriately

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Anjelika Krylova shared her opinion about the problems with judging in figure skating, as well as the difficulties to [...]

Tatiana Tarasova condemned Kiira Korpi for her words about the inhuman Tutberidze

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Tarasova condemned the Finnish skater for words about the inhuman Tutberidze. by Grant Getadaryan and Maya Bobenko [...]

Anna Shcherbakova: The biggest secret is just to work a lot and feel the maximum confidence in your abilities

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Interview with Anna Shcherbakova for ELLE Russia. by dd. 26th March 2020 How did your path [...]

Yukari Nakano: ladies’ quads are designed for the figure of a little girl, thin as a string

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Former Japanese figure skater Yukari Nakano shared her opinion on the quad jumps of Anna Shcherbakova and Alexandra [...]

Inna Goncharenko: When there are no competitions, the meaningfulness of the whole process is lost

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Inna Goncharenko told about the dangers of the home self-training of the Russian top athletes, who needed the Montreal [...]

Tatiana Tarasova answers whom she would like to see as the winner of ISU Skating Awards

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March 22 Montreal was to host the ISU Skating Awards, the first ceremony of figure skating "Oscar". Tatiana Tarasova [...]

Kamila Valieva: You need to learn quadruples when you are still small

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Kamila Valieva told about working with Eteri Tutberidze, quadruple jumps and combining sports with studying. photo [...]

Daniil Gleichengauz: The program should be remembered by the performance of the athlete

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Interview with Daniil Gleichengauz summed up the results of the Junior Worlds, told how the programs are born, why the [...]

Julia Lipnitskaia: Coaching is completely different from the activity of an athlete

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Short interview Julia Lipnitskaia about her coaching work. Interview was taken during Julia's master-class in Japan. [...]

Ted Barton: Be honest, be kind, be respectful – this is our approach

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Interview with Ted Barton at the Russian Junior Nationals. About quad jumps in ladies' short program, Eteri Tutberidze [...]

Alena Kostornaia: Eteri Georgievna is called the Snow Queen for a reason

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Interview with Alena Kostornaia for Tatler Russia. by dd. 7th March 2020 photo TATLER Alena [...]

Alexander Samarin: In men’s skating few people perceive quad toe loop as a really complex element

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Elena Vaitsekhovskaya's interview with Alexander Samarin. About past unsuccessful season, boots problems, quad jumps [...]

Igor Shpilband: I’m not a fan of Papadakis-Cizeron’s rhythm dance. It didn’t seem interesting to me

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Interview with Igor Shpilband. It was taken when World Championships hasn't been canceled yet, but I hope it will be [...]

Some sincerely believe that boots torments are compulsory part of the process. But it’s not right

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Interview with Alexander Kuznetsov, coach and technical specialist, who've been in charge of Irina Slutskaya's [...]

Brian Orser: if I stop learning something new as a coach, then I’m over as a coach

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Big interview with Brian Orser at the Junior Worlds. About his skaters, difference in training junior and seniors and [...]

Brian Orser: Champions and superstars are needed for the popularity of the sport

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Interview with Brian Orser about the results of Junior Worlds, Evgenia Medvedeva, Ekaterina Kurakova, quad jumps and [...]

Igor Shpilband: In Russia the very prestige of being a skater is much higher

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Igor Shpilband about popularity of figure skating in the USA. by Maia Briagintseva for dd. 8th March [...]

Evgenia Medvedeva: Fans have saved my life in figure skating many, many times

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Evgenia Medvedeva about her health and recovery from injuries, and also answered questions from the fans, including [...]

Fedor Klimov: The number of pairs has increased, but the quality of skating has not.

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Fedor Klimov about coaching, international training camps, seminars for skaters and coaches, joining the technical [...]

Nina Mozer: We need to attract viewers, we need to create interest. The time has come to make some changes

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Another interview with Nina Mozer. About changes in rules and figure skating, Olympics and age eligibility. by [...]

Nina Mozer: Tarasova – Morozov continue to compete because of one goal – Olympic Games

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Interview with Nina Mozer about Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov. by Anatoli Samokhvalov for dd. [...]

Zoe Jones: It is never too late to fulfill your dreams and be happy

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Interview with British skater Zoe Jones, who didn't go to the Nagano Olympics due to injury, then left sports, got [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: Zagitova and Medvedeva earn very little

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Interview with Evgeni Plushenko about his academy, changes in figure skating and Instagram discussion with Tutberidze. [...]

Alexander Zhulin: The coaches of Papadakis Cizeron believed that they were in space, and we somewhere in there – the servants

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Alexander Zhulin about competition with Papadakis and Cizeron. video interview by Elena Rodina youtube channel dd. [...]