Alexei Mishin: “If you come with an athlete to a psychologist, it’s like a married couple going to a sexologist. It means there’s something wrong in their relationship.”

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Translation of Alexei Mishin's comments about coach-athlete relations, competition in his group and working with [...]

“I can’t be in perfect physical condition due to health problems, and mentally, I am not in a good state.” Mikhail Kolyada about his decision to take a pause in his career

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Interview with Mikhail Kolyada about his decision to take a pause in his competitive career. View this post [...]

Mikhail Kolyada: “I didn’t watch the Olympics. I didn’t follow the results. It was complete apathy. I read about Valieva in the news. I didn’t care.”

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Mikhail Kolyada about not getting to the Olympic Games in Beijing due to positive test for coronavirus. [...]

Ilia Malinin: “If I try a quintuple jump, then I have a great desire to make a quintuple toe loop or salchow.”

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Ilia Malinin commented on his performance in the Grand Prix Final in Turin (3rd place). View this post on [...]

Mikhail Kolyada: “Ok, you have three questions.”

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Mikhail Kolyada

Mikhail Kolyada commented on his performance in the free program at the Russian Grand Prix. photo [...]

Anna Pogorilaya: “Valieva showed with this program, poking everyone in the face: “That’s what you did to me.” She is a very strong athlete, and a strong person.”

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Interview with 2016 Worlds bronze medalist Anna Pogorilaya. About test skates, Valieva, Trusova, Malinin, and the [...]

Mikhail Kolyada: “Is “Tango in a Madhouse” a reflection of the current situation? This is a provocative question.”

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Mikhail Kolyada

Interview with Mikhail Kolyada about start of the season, domestic competitions and Ilia Malinin's quad axel. photo [...]

“Ask interesting questions and I will answer.” Another epic interview with Mikhail Kolyada, in full compliance with FFKR ethics code

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Mikhail Kolyada

Interview with Mikhail Kolyada. Interview completely meets FFKR ethics code. photo by Channel 1 source: telegram [...]

“I’m of the St. Petersburg intelligentsia, a good person, but with problems. Сan problems be fixed? It’s an open question” Mikhail Kolyada about his new free program

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Mikhail Kolyada

Mikhail Kolyada answered journalists' questions after the free program at the test skates. photo Channel [...]

“As for the very idea of ​​Valieva’s free program, I have rather mixed feelings about it.” Alena Kostornaia tries herself as a journalist and shares her impressions of the test skates

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Alena Kostornaia tries herself as a journalist and now has her own column for TASS, where she shared her impressions [...]

Alexei Mishin: “Sometimes I hear: ‘Everything is fine, we will win all the same!’ and so on. I can’t place myself in this group of people with rose-colored glasses.”

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Interview with Alexei Mishin. About preparation for the season, test skates in St.Petersburg. new programs of his [...]

“Aleksandra Stepanova wanted her dress to be very light, weightless. So that she seemed to dissolve in it.’ Interview with designer who created costumes for Stepanova/Bukin, Kondratiuk and Kvitelashvilli

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Figure skater costume designer Evgenia Kosygina, in an interview with Match TV, told how she worked on costumes for [...]

Mikhail Kolyada: “Until the end of the Olympics, for 40 days I never had two negative covid tests.”

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Mikhail Kolyada

Interview with Mikhail Kolyada. About the past season, reasons that prevented him from performing at the main events, [...]

Mikhail Kolyada: “Are there any thoughts to keep the “White Raven” for exhibitions? I thought you might ask if there are any thoughts to keep it for a third season.”

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Mikhail Kolyada

Mikhail Kolyada admitted to journalists that he is determined to perform in the new Olympic cycle. View [...]

Mikhail Kolyada: “I feel that I haven’t reached my maximum. I don’t want to end my career. I really enjoy skating.”

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Mikhail Kolyada

Mikhail Kolyada isn't going to end his professional career and will continue to work with Alexei Mishin. photo by [...]

Mikhail Kolyada: “Despite missing the Olympics, I don’t intend to give up with skating, because I really like it.

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Mikhail Kolyada

Russian figure skater Mikhail Kolyada said that the forced skip of the Olympics in Beijing will not make him thinking [...]

Adelina Sotnikova: “I sincerely believe that athlete should skate not just 10 years of his life, but at least 20-25 and show the best possible results.”

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Interview with Adelina Sotnikova the first Russian Olympic champion in women's skating and now a figure skating coach [...]

“What competitions is he preparing for? For his entire future life.” Alexei Mishin about Kolyada’s negative test

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Mikhail Kolyada

Mikhail Kolyada is tested negative for coronavirus and resumed training. photo VOSTOCK Photo / [...]

Alexander Zhulin: “I heard that even before the withdrawal of Kolyada, they wanted to put Kondratiuk in the team.”

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Coach Alexander Zhulin told who, in his opinion, should perform in men's skating in the Olympic team event. photo [...]

“Yuzuru Hanyu will not become an Olympic champion for the third time in a row, but Nathan Chen may also be left without a gold medal.” Alexei Urmanov about upcoming Olympics

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Interview with Alexei Urmanov, Olympic Champion and coach about upcoming Olympics, raising the age minimum and [...]

Alexei Urmanov: “Athlete musn’t find motivation. If athlete doesn’t have motivation, he should take a rope and hang himself on a chandelier. If you lose motivation, finish your career.”

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Interview with Alexei Urmanov. The Olympic champion assess the prospects of our single skaters and explained why [...]

Alexander Smirnov: “Daily PCR tests are a tool for manipulation. With their help, our team can be framed at the Olympics.”

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Interview with two-time European Champion and two-time World bronze medalist in pair skating Alexander Smirnov. About [...]

Tatiana Tarasova: “This is not a replacement, but a necessary measure. It’s good that we have someone to replace Kolyada with. Nobody has lost anything. This year Misha does not shine.”

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Alexei Mishin, Tatiana Tarasova, Natalia Bestemianova and other specialists commented on the news that Mikhail Kolyada [...]

Evgeni Semenenko has replaced Mikhail Kolyada in the Russian Olympic team

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Mikhail Kolyada

Evgeni Semenenko has replaced Mikhail Kolyada in the Russian national team for the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing. [...]