Elizaveta Tuktamysheva believes in Kaori Sakamoto at the next Olympics and recommends us French Pinot Noir

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Elizaveta Tuktamysheva about vacation and trying herself as a coach. original source: Sport-express dd. 19th June [...]

“Both the music and choreography are vastly different from anything she has done before.” Adam Solya about working with Anastasia Gubanova on her new programs

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Adam Solya about working with Anastasia Gubanova on her new programs for the upcoming season. original source: [...]

Satoko Miyahara: “There was a time when Stephane Lambiel and Papadakis/Cizeron performed one after another. During those moments, my world view completely changed, and I truly felt “this is art.”

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Satoko Miyahara about "Fantasy on Ice 2024" tour. original source: sportiva.shueisha.co.jp dd. 19th June 2024 by [...]

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva: “It makes me very sad, and angers me, that children in sports can encounter violence. There are coaches and parents who are willing to do anything for results and use unethical methods.”

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Elizaveta Tuktamysheva about importance of the education and violence children face in sports. original source: [...]

Deanna Stellato-Dudek: “I’ve had a lot of people message me saying they’re going to go back to school, and some who have decided to change careers. When I get these messages, I get so teary because I can’t believe a Worlds performance had that effect on them.”

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Deanna Stellato-Dudek on winning gold at the 2024 Worlds and being an inspiration for other people. original [...]

Mao Shimada: “I want to work even harder to become an athlete who is successful on the world stage and also appealing as a person”

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Mao Shimada joined "Kinoshita Group". original source: Nikkansports photo Global Look Press Two-time world [...]

“People get married to have children. So Sasha will not return to the ice, there’s no point in pretending.” Tarasova and Bestemianova commented on the news about Trusova’s engagement

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Tatiana Tarasova and Natalia Bestemianova commented on the news about Alexandra Trusova's engagement. original [...]

“I want to skate to express my eternal love for my mother. Even at the age of 33, I think about my mother every day. I never forget her.” Mao Asada about her show “Everlasting 33”

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Mao Asada about her ice show "Everlasting 33." original source: number.bunshun.jp 15th June 2024 by Yoshie [...]

Anna Shcherbakova: “In ordinary life, I might get worried about trivial things, but on the ice, it’s hard for me to recall a single situation where something has thrown me off.”

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Anna Shcherbakova shared that nothing could have threw her off the game on the ice. original source: Channel [...]

Daisuke Takahashi: “The first time I retired, I hated the fact that I could only do skating and wanted to run away from it. Until I suddenly accepted that it’s okay. So as long as my body can move, I want to continue performing on ice.”

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Daisuke Takahashi about his life after retirement from competitive sport. original source: news.yahoo.co.jp dd. 7th [...]

Anjelika Krylova: “The top-5 at Worlds were strong but everyone is very mature, everyone is already over 30. We want to see something new, some fresh wave.”

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Anjelika Krylova about current state of world ice dances. original source: Channel One photo RIA [...]

Nikita Mikhailov: “I’ve heard that Benoit Richaud signs an agreement with either the coach or the federation, that if anything changes in the program, he removes his name from the list of choreographers.”

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Choreographer Nikita Mikhailov about Bemoit Richaud's approach to work. original source: Sport24 dd. 12th June by [...]

“I hope that this play will encourage people to think about what they can do for others.” Daisuke Takahashi about ice show “Hyoen 2024 The Miracle of the Cross Star”

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Daisuke Takahashi about ice show "Hyoen 2024 The Miracle of the Cross Star." original source: news.yahoo.co.jp dd. [...]