Anna Shcherbakova: “I believe that the World Championships will be held, because all this should not be in vain.”

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Anna Shcherbakova

Anna Shcherbakova about her emotions after her victory at the Russian Nationals 2021. source: Channel 1, text [...]

Anna Shcherbakova: “Competitive adrenaline helped. People may not even imagine what they are capable of in a stressful situation.”

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Anna Shcherbakova

Anna Shcherbakova on what helped her deliver phenomenal performance and win third national title. source: Tatjana [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [18.12-25.12.2020]

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“On the Ice” Evelyn Walsh and Trennt Michaud Karen Chen Nathan Chen Matteo [...]

“The word that unites everything that happened is “overcoming”.” Tutberidze and Gleikhengauz about Shcherbakova’s victory at the Russian Nationals

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Eteri Tutberidze

Eteri Tutberidze and Daniil Gleikhengauz about Anna Shcherbakova's participation and victory at the Russian Nationals [...]

Anna Shcherbakova: “I knew that no matter what anyone said, I decided that I would go and fight to the end.”

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Anna Shcherbakova

Anna Shcherbakova about her third victory at the Russian Nationals. photo Getty Images / Anna [...]

Anna Shcherbakova: “Tomorrow I’ll squeeze the maximum out of myself, then I’ll deal with health difficulties”

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Anna Shcherbakova

Anna Shcherbakova about her performance of the short program at the Russian Nationals and coronavirus she [...]

Inna Goncharenko: “No one knows how the pandemic will develop further. We did everything right holding the Russian Nationals”

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Inna Goncharenko about the intrigues of the Russian Nationals, Tuktamysheva's shape and Valieva's [...]

Anna Shcherbakova: “I will not allow myself to miss the Russian Nationals”

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Anna Shcherbakova, two-time Russian national champion, told how she was recovering from pneumonia and preparing for [...]

Elena Radionova: “Now in figure skating, it is important to be born on time”

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Interview with Elena Radionova. About life after sport, difficult period of her career, examples of feminine skating, [...]

Evgenia Medvedeva got infected with coronavirus

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According to the telegram channel Mash, Evgenia Medvedeva has coronavirus. Her teammate Morisi Kvitelashvilli also [...]

Anna Shcherbakova: “If I skate well at competitions, then I feel obliged to skate no worse at the next ones.”

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Anna Shcherbakova about her performance at the third stage of the Russian Cup, about hard evening before the free [...]

Daniil Gleikhengauz: “Combination is not a quadruple jump, it had to be done”

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Daniil Gleikhengauz about Anna Scherbakova's and Daria Usacheva's performances at the third stage of the Russian Cup [...]

Anna Shcherbakova: It would be cool if there was an opportunity to perform in a pair with Nathan Chen

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Anna Shcherbakova's interview for Nike. About goals, motivation and pair skating. by Nike vk group, text version by [...]

Anna Shcherbakova: It’s a little unusual when you don’t see how your competitors work

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Anna Shcherbakova about her performance at the 1st stage of the Russian Cup, return of Evgenia Medvedeva, Alexandra [...]

Daniil Gleikhengauz: Zhenya’s return shows very clearly that time often sorts things out

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Interview with Daniil Gleikhengauz. About Medvedeva's come back, Zagitova's fans, Kostornaia's interview and the [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [11.09-18.09.2020]

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“On the Ice” Anna Shcherbakova Alena Kostornaia Mikhail Kolyada Tiffani Zagorski and [...]

Anna Shcherbakova: My short program is about the loss of a loved one

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Anna Shcherbakova commented on her performance at the Russian test skates 2020. 'Nothing depends on me, I left [...]

Alexander Lakernik: It may turn out that Kostornaia, Shcherbakova and Trusova will have nowhere to compete

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Vice-President of the ISU, judge and technical controller Alexander Lakernik commented on the idea of personal [...]

Interview with Viktor Adoniev who worked with Eteri Tutberidze and Anna Tsareva

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The coach and choreographer Viktor Adoniev, who started working with Eteri Tutberidze, and then worked with Anna [...]

“We don’t share this whole mania about the Olympics”: interview with Anna Shcherbakova’s parents

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Interview with Anna Shcherbakova's parents Julie and Stanislav. About figure skating from parents perspective, growing [...]

Anna Shcherbakova: In quarantine I have to limit myself a little more in food

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Anna Shcherbakova about her daily routine and training during self-isolation. interview for radio Mayak, text [...]

Anna Shcherbakova: Victories are reflected in memory by the price you paid

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Big interview with Anna Shcherbakova. About past season, cancelation of World Championships, new programs trainings [...]

Anna Shcherbakova: The biggest secret is just to work a lot and feel the maximum confidence in your abilities

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Interview with Anna Shcherbakova for ELLE Russia. by dd. 26th March 2020 How did your path [...]

Yukari Nakano: ladies’ quads are designed for the figure of a little girl, thin as a string

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Former Japanese figure skater Yukari Nakano shared her opinion on the quad jumps of Anna Shcherbakova and Alexandra [...]