State of Russian ice dance drama [13.10.2017]

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It’s Friday. It’s a pretty cold Friday in October (well, for me), so take your cup of coffee add some cognac (because it’s ice dance) and let’s see what happened in Russian ice dance this week.

Let’s start with the queen of Russian ice dance. Tatiana is in amazing shape!


She prepares for her show “Ruslan and Lyudmila”:


Yeah that’s Peter Tchernyshev)

Vasilisa Davankova and Nikolai Morozov celebrated their first anniversary

Vasilisa Davankova

Ok let’s get back to real skating)

Ekaterina Bobrova invites us Rostelecom Cup!

Ekaterina Bobrova

Meanwhile Dmitri Soloviev went to sauna)

Dmitri Soloviev

Finally Stepanova-Bukin showed up! Are we stunned by their dances?) Oh yes…..I’m still stunned))) Not sure whether in a positive way.

Stepanova Bukin

This week they also attended the opening of boutique of Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin.

Should we expect a fashion collaboration?)

Betina Popova and Sergei Mozgov this week competed at Finlandia Trophy. And they also got spot at Rostelecom Cup.

Betina Popova Sergi Mozgov

Not really clear what happened with Sofia Evdokimova and Egor Bazin that they withdrew from Rostelecom. Hope everything ok and it’s not matter of health.

But the main drama of the week was Ruslan Zhiganshin’s CV. It seems what can be so provocative in CV that figure skating forums and other resources were discussing this the whole week? He didn’t write anything that isn’t true. He just didn’t mention Elena Ilinykh….at all…and all the medals and titles he won with her) So, yes the drama was guaranteed. After a couple of days of drama Ruslan posted a rebuttal that the CV was made by recruiting agency not him. They just listed the info they found on resources that Ruslan gave them as info sources.

previous episode [06.10.2017]


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13 Responses to “State of Russian ice dance drama [13.10.2017]”

  1. Kitty Warner says:

    His instagram account does not have one picture of Elena and him.

    • Gv says:

      The competition/training pics are still there. The only Elena pic conspicuously missing was the new year pic and message but that got deleted even before Russian nationals last year. He never hung out with her off the ice so there weren’t any off ice pics to delete.

  2. Gv says:

    On my resume, I don’t list the bartending job I had the second year of grad school. It’s the second most recent job I had and I know it will come up when they do background checks but I still don’t bother listing it because I see no point in listing it when my main profession is advertising and I have one page to explain all my qualifications.

    But anyway, I think fans are upset simply because Ruslan hates Elena and nobody has a right to dislike Elena (according to them). And while he isn’t (for now) giving interviews, he also refuses to hide his dislike for her. It’s the same with Kustarova. They aren’t mad that Elena is no longer with Kustarova. They’re mad that Kustarova said she had problems with the way Elena was working.

    • FS Gossips says:

      I also think Ruslan has a right to write in his CV whatever he wants as long as it his, not someone else’s merits. But everything turned out to be much bannal. He didn’t do that CV himself, he gave a link to a website with skaters’ biographies and the recruiting agency choose what to use. I think they may even not know who Elena is) But all this drama around his CV and discussions on forums were so funny)

      • Gv says:

        Haven’t you learned by now that the whole world is out to get Elena Ilinykh? Everything that has happened: her weight gain, her botched twizzles at worlds, the bracelet, Kustarova kicking her out, has all been one big conspiracy by people who are jealous of her talent. /sarcasm

        It doesn’t matter if Ruslan meant to omit it. The important thing is, Elena’s fans are throwing a gigantic fit over it and nobody throws fits like Elena’s fans.

  3. OlgaLV says:

    It’s interesting story with this CV.I think Ruslan is still angry with Elena. But how the CV of person can be seen and discussed in public?

    • FS Gossips says:

      It was posted on some public account where people who look for a coach can see it.

      • OlgaLV says:

        Then it’s ridiculous! I think all the world knows who did he skate with last years and not to mention it in CV is very strange… It’s the drama :))

        • FS Gossips says:

          No drama) This CV was made for him by recruiting agency. So it wasn’t his intentional move not to mention Elena)

          • Lotte says:

            One thing I know for sure, if the company didn’t decide to mention that he’s former Russian national champion then it is a really weird company :D

            • OlgaLV says:

              Totally agree. His best achievments in sport was made together with her. It’s silly not to mention it or to ignore it.

            • FS Gossips says:

              They just copied the info from the website that probably wasn’t fully updated or something like that.

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