State of Russian ice dance drama [06.10.2017]

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This week was…..quiet in Russian ice dance. Not much photos…not much news. Where are all the photos from Finland?!

Oh, yes….how could I forgot! Elena Ilinykh and her new partner “broke up” with Kustarova’s family. Which is actively discussed on different forums. Comment that really made me laugh was “Maybe Katsalapov was right”) But really, who cares? Aren’t you tired from all this show? Do you still believe it will work out? Anyway, Elena, thank you for drama. With you Russian ice dance is much entertaining )

Ekaterina and Dmitri reminded us that they have a medals from Olympics in Sochi)

Ekaterina Bobrova Dmitri Soloviev

Ekaterina looks great

Ekaterina Bobrova

Dima misses summer

Dmitri Soloviev

Alexandra and Ivan are still suspiciously quiet…..But they had time to promote the ice show on Russian TV “Kids on the ice”….of course Tatiana Tarasova is the main judge there.

At least one photo on the ice) Carmen Betina Popova

Betina Popova

Anastasia Shpilevaya and Grigory Smirnov and intriguing comment “The sun will shine on our side of the fence”

Shpileveya Smirnov

Pavel Drozd continues to post nice photos of himself handsome)

Pavel Drozd

That’s all for this week. Maybe next one will be more dramatic)

previous episode [29.09.2017]


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