Mikhail Kolyada: Mozart requires completely different flight of soul

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Interview with Mikhail Kolyada, translation. About new programs, quads and possibilities to compete with top-skaters.

For the Olympic season you’ve prepared free program in your traditional style, to the music of Elvis Presley, and for the short decided to take the classics, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart …

– I wanted to try something completely new for myself. It’s difficult to set yourself up on a new way. You can even say that I have not fully done that yet. Everyone perceives me as a character actor on the ice, and here Mozart! It requires completely different choreography, style of skating and even a flight of soul.

After last season, many “well-wishers” strongly advised you to change coach and choreographer for the sake of future victories …

– I have been advised this for more than a year. But these advisors simply do not understand that along with Valentina Chebotareva and Olga Klyushnichenko we have gone such a path that it would be simply inhumane to betray them now.

Seven and a half years ago in Vancouver-2010 Evan Lysacek became an Olympic champion without a quadruple jump. Today claimants for the victory in PyeongChang already include seven quas for two programs. However, almost no one can cope with the stated complexity and skate their programs cleanly.

– It’s possible to combine the complexity with clean skating, although it’s very difficult. It is necessary to strive to show the idea of the choreographer, beautiful spins and steps sequences, not just quads. In Espoo, no one did without falling, but it’s necessary to include jumps in four-turns into your programs. Now you can’t get along without that.

Now the idea of having separate competitions in jumping and figure skating itself is being discussed. What do you think about that?

– As the leaders of the International Skating Union decide, so we will compete. Very little depends on the skaters themselves. For now I’m planning to perform two quads in a short program and three or four in a free.

The most difficult options will be executed only with absolute confidence in yourself?

– Everything will be clear during the season. We will decide together with the coach closer to the main competitions. While we’re working on the most difficult option. At trainings it turns out better than at competitions.

How do you feel about the criticism after the competitions in Bratislava and Espoo?

– I do not read newspapers and even use the Internet only to receive the educational material. I continue my education at the Master’s program at the University of Lesgaft.

How useful for you were test skates in Sochi?

– I always considered such skates to be a useful experience for me. They sum up the work done in the off-season. Figure skaters and coaches come to get the necessary portion of criticism. There is still time to make some corrections.

In the United States, comments after test skates are only brought to the attention of figure skaters and coaches, we put them at the disposal of the public…..

– Maybe it’s better, but in Russia we have our own rules. We will live according to it.

In the Grand Prix series you will perform in Moscow and Beijing, between which there is not much time …

– It’s a good thing that such a situation has fallen out. I will be performing at Grand Prix in Moscow for the third time. I like everything there, and every year I feel more confident. Flight and acclimatization in China, also should not create problems. We will slowly get used to the season.

The pre-Olympic Russian Championships will be held in December in St. Petersburg. Is it a plus or a minus for you?

– The Russian Championship is one of the most interesting starts of the season. Very responsible. After all, according to its results, a national team for international competitions is formed. I do not pay attention to the venue. What is the difference, to skate in the “Jubileinyi” or in the Chelyabinsk “Tractor”? The main thing is no mistakes.

Is it possible to compete with Asian “monsters”, who even according to anthropometric data are more suitable for performing quadruple jumps?

– Of course! You just need to perform consistently the quadruple jumps in your programs. It is also necessary to amaze judges and the public with charisma and natural charm.

Evgeni Plushenko was famous for his ability to crush rivals with his charisma. Will you take an example from him?

– I try to follow the motto “You shall not make for yourself an idol”. On the ice, you need to have it your own way and demonstrate charisma.



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