Anna Shcherbakova: “For my parents, education was the top priority.”

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Translation of Anna Shcherbakova’s comments about education and Olympics.

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Anna Shcherbakova shared how she managed to balance sports and education.

“Anna Shcherbakova: Here, undoubtedly, I have to thank my parents. In childhood, a child cannot properly allocate time and decide what to prioritize.

For my parents, education was the top priority. And they never let me relax.

I attended all classes and completed all assignments as much as possible. It’s more important for parents to monitor this because otherwise, I would have become so engrossed in figure skating that I would have forgotten about everything else.

Now I understand that you cannot direct your energy into just one thing.”

Anna also compared Olympics in Sochi in 2014 and Olympics in Beijing in 2022.

“Anna Shcherbakova: At the Olympic Games in Sochi, I was there as a spectator. I watched the free program of Julia Lipnitskaya, with whom I trained in the same group. At that time, I thought it was an unimaginable level. I watched her with admiration.

The support level was high at the Sochi Games, the Olympic spirit. It was something that was slightly lacking in the Beijing Games, but the scale was still felt.

When I first saw the Olympic arena, I had goosebumps. The first practice on that ice was very exciting. I wanted to show my very best.

The Olympics are special competitions in the life of every athlete that cannot be compared to anything else.

One should never be afraid of pivotal moments, although there is always excitement. For me, the most important thing was to show the desired result, to showcase the work we’ve been doing. The support of loved ones and self-belief were very helpful.

The Olympic Games unfortunately took place with coronavirus restrictions, without spectators, under strict control. We couldn’t go beyond the base, there were special shuttles. It had an impact. The usual support was absent. But the support from media resources and from afar was felt. It felt like everyone was rooting for us.

A memorable moment was when they took us straight from the plane to meet the Olympians. There was an incredible hall and incredible fans. That’s when we felt the necessary support. It’s very uplifting.”


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