Valeriy Angelopol: “After the break up of our duo I was very afraid to leave the house. It seemed the whole world hated me. People texted me ‘Don’t leave the house, we know where you live.”

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Translation of Valeriy Angelopol’s comments about the break up of his duo with Vasilisa Kaganovskaya.

original source: Okko Sport

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In an interview with Okko Sport, Valeriy Angelopol revealed that he was afraid to leave his house due to threats after the split up of his duo with Vasilisa Kaganovskaya.

Q: Is it true that you didn’t skate for three months?

Valeriy Angelopol: Yes, I’ll tell you more: I didn’t even leave the house for a month.

Q: Some internal struggle?

Valeriy Angelopol: Paranoia. I was very afraid to leave the house. It happened that, as it seemed to me then, the whole world hated me. And I really was afraid to leave the house.

People texted me, like: don’t come to the university, we are waiting for you in a crowd – and things like that. Don’t leave the house, we know where you live. And when several thousand people write such things to you, you really catch paranoia.

Q: You and Vasilisa (Kaganovskaya) had devoted fans. They, to some extent, made you famous through videos on social media. Is it one step from love to hate?

Valeriy Angelopol: Yes, yes.

Q: How did you realize that everything was okay?

Valeriy Angelopol: My close circle helped me. I didn’t leave the house; my friend, at that time, my girlfriend, came to me. My friend practically lived with me for several days or weeks. And they made me go out; we walked around the house so that I understood that everything was fine. Gradually, I started going somewhere – practices, and elsewhere…

When I felt better – it was the moment when we came to watch the test skates. I was very afraid to go there: the whole “Megasport arena” I thought there would be a lot of hate and animosity. I thought they wouldn’t wait for me there at all, they would hate me. I even bought tickets in the opposite direction from everyone, as far away as possible – just in case. Better safe than sorry.

And then I realized that everything wasn’t as bad as I had imagined.

Q: I’m very glad that you came to the Grand Prix at “Megasport,” weren’t afraid of anything…

Valeriy Angelopol: But still surrounded by friends, friends stood around. I didn’t go alone, and I won’t, I don’t want to,” said Angelopol, who is currently training in a partnership with Arina Ushakova.


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4 Responses to “Valeriy Angelopol: “After the break up of our duo I was very afraid to leave the house. It seemed the whole world hated me. People texted me ‘Don’t leave the house, we know where you live.””

  1. Vila says:

    Well, no, it’s literally the opposite. Vasilisa lost feelings, he couldn’t cope, he wanted to break up the couple, but the coach convinced him otherwise, not long after that he came with the contract making Vasi pay for everything – obviously, just to force her to break the pair by not agreeing. Valery’s coach choose Vasi over him for a reason too.

  2. Judith McCormack says:

    I loved and enjoyed seeing you two skate together! Bottom line though is that you must be true to yourself! You need to find happiness again, alone and become the best man that you can be. Perdue your skating, you are amazing. When the timing is right. You will pair up with someone, possibly to bring out the best you!

  3. Evelyn Medija says:

    I wish Valeriy all the success he deserves. He is an amazing ice dancer. I just wish he skated again with Vasilisa. I really do. Nevertheless, I’m still waiting and hoping they will get back together again.

  4. LINDA says:

    I don’t understand all of this hatred toward him, My understanding of what I’ve read and comments to video’s of the couple that Miss V didn’t have feelings anymore for him and ask this ridiculous contract of her’s conjured up by the coach asking him to pay for everything, so I think this has to fall on her not him

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