“He ruined the career of the girl and the coach!” Tarasova and Kogan about the news that coaches have been forbidden to work with Valeriy Angelopol.

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Translation of comments from Tatiana Tarasova, Alexander Kogan and Valeriy Angelopol himself regarding the recent news that coaches have been forbidden to take him to their groups.

original sources: TASS / MatchTV / RSport / Sport24 / MatchTV

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“Coaches are currently reluctant to work with Angelopol due to recent events associated with him. According to a source familiar with the situation, specialists have little desire to work with the figure skater, primarily due to his anthropometric data and the controversy surrounding his recent actions. The source noted that Angelopol has encountered difficulties in finding ice rinks for regular training sessions.”

Angelopol previously skated with Vasilisa Kaganovskaya and they trained in Anjelica Krylova’s group. However, at the end of the summer, Angelopol proposed a contract to Kaganovskaia, under which she would have to provide full financial support for her partner, a proposition not covered by funding from the Russian Figure Skating Federation. As a result, their partnership ended, and Angelopol left Krylova’s group. These factors, including the controversy surrounding the contract proposal and the challenges in securing training facilities, have made coaches hesitant to work with him.” That was posted by TASS on October 17th.

Then the General Director of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia (FFKR), Alexander Kogan, and Tatiana Tarasova commented on the news. Here’s the translation of their comments posted on MatchTV, RSport and Sport24.

“The General Director of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia (FFKR), Alexander Kogan, refuted the information about a ban on coaches collaborating with figure skater Valeriy Angelopol during a conversation with “Match TV.”

Kogan dismissed these claims, stating, “Nonsense. Angelopol has not contacted me.”

Tatiana Tarasova stated that she is not aware of any coaches who would be willing to work with Valeriy Angelopol. Besides she believes that Angelopol destroyed the career of his former partner Vasilisa Kaganovskaia.

“There can’t be a ban on accessing the rink. Currently, he’s not training with anyone, so let him pay and then come onto the ice. But I don’t know of any coaches who would take him. Although perhaps someone may agree to work with him,” said Tatiana Tarasova.

They say coaches are prohibited from taking Angelopol into their groups. Isn’t he ruining his career?

Tatiana Tarasova: Who is ruining his career? He ruined the career of the girl and the coach! Whose side are you on, anyway? And why should he interfere on the rink with those who are preparing and training? Let him pay and skate on the rinks. We have sections for that,” said the Honored Coach of the USSR, Tatiana Tarasova.”

Valeriy Angelopol also commented on the information about the ban on coaches working with him. Here’s the translation of his comment to MatchTV.

Does the information about the FFKR’s ban on coaches working with you correspond to reality?

Valeriy Angelopol: Partly.

Can you explain?

Valeriy Angelopol: I’ve said all I wanted to say.”


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4 Responses to ““He ruined the career of the girl and the coach!” Tarasova and Kogan about the news that coaches have been forbidden to work with Valeriy Angelopol.”

  1. Judy Lemke says:

    For sure Canada or the United States would take him in a minute.
    I don’t think he ruined the coach or Vesilisua chances at all.
    The coach stayed with her and she already has a new partner

  2. Nick Dowel says:

    Shame for the Russian Federation and Tatyana Tarasova.We can be sure that after the entire federation and ill-mannered Tarasova subjected Valery to discrimination, they feel guilty for something towards him. Valery has not violated the rules of the federation in any way. It’s a suicide with a young and talented person. But hopefully, they will at least allow him to compete outside the country. Any coach in the world would welcome him.

  3. Carol Bearup says:

    If I have understood correctly, the coach of this talented duo was originally his coach. Yet, she has taken the young lady’s side. There are 2 sides to every story! I would tell the young man to come to Canada or America and I am sure lots of coaches would want to work with him. Both he and the young lady are very talented!

  4. Judy Lemke says:

    The coach should have been more supported to him. She was Valeriy’s coach first and they brought in Visil. When this happened the coach left him

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