Veleriy Angelopol: “Thank you very much to everyone who turned away from me; the ballast has been dropped, and it’s much easier now. As for me, I continue to skate.”

Posted on 2023-09-05 • 7 comments

Figure skater Valeriy Angelopol has announced that he will continue his athletic career. View this post on [...]

“Krylova was the initiator of signing a contract which main points are discipline and mutual responsibility of both partners. All the financial aspects mentioned in the contract were purely conditional” Angelopol’s mother on the situation

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The mother of figure skater Valeriy Angelopol explained the split up of the duo with Vasilisa Kaganovskaya. [...]

“Valeriy absolutely doesn’t want to skate, convincing him otherwise was completely impossible, although he had no significant reasons for all of this.” Anjelika Krylova on Kaganovskaia/Angelopol split up

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Anjelika Krylova about Valeriy Angelopol - he "absolutely does not want to skate." View this post on [...]