Dmitrii Kozlovskii: “I din’t watch the European Championships. We won the European Championships with the total score over 230. Now people cannot even score over 200.”

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Russian skaters about whether they have watched European Championships 2023.

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source: Sport24 by Konstantin Lesik

The European Championships (without Russians) and the St. Petersburg Championships (with the participation of some leaders of the national team) are held almost at the same time. Skaters who could have fought for the medals in Finland compete at the small skating rink of the Fogure Skating Academy. And in Russian competitions, the results are usually better.

World, European and Olympic champions Anastasiia Mishina and Aleksandr Galliamov shone in St. Petersburg – for the first time in 4 years they made the most difficult side by side triple lutz and surpassed the current world record in the short program by more than 3 points. After a powerful performance, one of the fans shouted from the stands, “The real European champions.” Other fans supported her with applause.

“Did you hear the scream of the fan?”, I asked Sasha.

Aleksandr Galliamov: “I heard, yes, this is funny. It’s nice that the audience feels that way. I want to give the same love in return.”

Despite the fact that the current European champions from Italy scored about 45 points less than Mishina and Galliamov a year ago, Sasha admits that he has not lost interest to this event. In particular, the skater cheered for his friend Alexei Svyatchenko, who performs for Hungary in pair with Maria Pavlova.

“There are some original elements. Most of all I liked Alex Svyatchenko, I was rooting for him, especially when he was doing the last lift. I shouted, “Go, Alex!” It reminded me of the Rostelecom Cup, I don’t remember what year, in Luzhniki. Astakhova and Roganov pair, “Master and Margarita”, and he started a lasso lift but could not finish it. From the fourth time he finished it and pulled his partner up, the audience was delighted then. The judges did’y count that lift, but he was a hero”, – says Galliamov.

Another European champion, Russian pair skater Dmitrii Kozlovskii, who skates with Aleksandra Boiikova, expressed a more categorical opinion. Sasha and Dima also compete at the event in St. Petersburg and take the preliminary second place.

The European Championships is underway. Did you manage to follow?

Dmitrii Kozlovskii: I din’t watch the European Championships.

At all?

Dmitrii Kozlovskii: At all.

Not interested?

Dmitrii Kozlovskii: “You know, I saw a picture with statistics with the scores of the winners. We won the European Championships with the total score over 230. Our colleagues won with the score close to 240. Now people cannot even score over 200.”

Kozlovskii also said that he expects decisive action from the IOC regarding the admission of the Russians to international competitions.

“We are waiting for some concrete information. We want to get not just some abstract conversations, thoughts, but a ready-made solution. We hope that it will be in favor of our talented athletes”, – says the European Champion 2020.”

In men’s single skating, the Russians, if they had participated in the European Championships, would have faces more serious competition. In any case, it’s a shame for the world junior champion Andrei Mozalev that the competitions are taking place without him.

Did you follow the European Championships?

Andrei Mozalev: I didn’t watch much, I looked at the protocols. I wouldn’t say that anyone had something surprising.

Is it a shame that you’re not at the competitions?

Andrei Mozalev: It’s a shame. But I think my championships are yet to come. So I don’t get discouraged.

European champion 2020 in single skating Dmitri Aliev admitted that he cheered for the Georgian and former Russian skater Anastasiia Gubanova, who trains with him in the group of Evgeni Rukavitsin. Aliev also supported the Italian Matteo Rizzo, who won silver.

Dmitri Aliev: “I watch the European Championships. I am extremely happy for my friend Matteo Rizzo, I was very worried about him yesterday. I congratulated him. I am very pleased that he also managed to overcome, to rise again four years later to the pedestal.

And so I will keep my fingers crossed for our girl, teammate Nastya Gubanova (interviews with Dmitry were recorded before the women’s free program – Sport24). I sent her all kinds of rays of energy that I had, and I want her to use them and bring a medal. I really want her to do well.”

As a result, Gubanova won, bringing Georgia the first ever gold medal of the Eurouropean Championships. Aliev reacted to this in social networks.

“And I kept telling you that. The best! European Champion! Hooray. I’m so happy for you!” — wrote the skater.


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