“Now Trusova is perhaps the most popular figure skater in the world.” Interview with Alexandra’s Trusova sports agent

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Sports Agent of Alexandra Trusova, Alexei Nikolaev, about his impressions of working with the athlete and future plans.

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Alexei Nikolaev: Athletes like Sasha are born very rarely. She is only 18 years old, but she has such a character! For me, this is the level of Soviet athletes, like Vedenin, who could win back a minute in the relay. It’s comparable with what she did in Beijing with five quads. Vedenin fought with the stopwatch, and in figure skating, there are different rules. Now she is perhaps the most popular female figure skater in the world.

In the current situation, is it realistic to develop Trusova’s popularity abroad?

Alexei Nikolaev: Yes, there is interest from abroad, and this is the future, in my opinion. The current situation is dictated by political reasons. Athletes have become innocent hostages of ill-conceived political games, without any expert help. There are no prospects for the majority, but this situation will change due to the progressive course of history. Sasha will be wanted to see all over the world as a brilliant musician or as a Rembrandt collection in the Hermitage, regardless of the international situation. It will be the restoration of logic and justice. Sasha is an athlete who has a niche on a global scale, not in one country. Certain efforts will be made to work abroad, but understanding is also needed from the other side.

My principled position is that Sasha is a talent whose reputation has not been tarnished by anything. Obviously, this talent should please fans from all over the world. She has her own group in the Chinese segment of the Internet, which is led by her fans. She is helped with her social networks by fans; these are not hired people. The situation is unique. And for all her busyness, she has a constructive approach to meetings with fans—not only to smile and take pictures, but sometimes she does a lot more.

Probably, for greater fame, it is necessary that Trusova continue to perform?

Alexei Nikolaev: Now is the first year after the Olympics. And the conditions created are by no means conducive to the continuation of Sasha’s sports career. Let’s see what happens next. Personally, it seems to me that Sasha has a very clear goal: Olympic gold. I dream that she would realize it under conditions of fair competition.


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One response to ““Now Trusova is perhaps the most popular figure skater in the world.” Interview with Alexandra’s Trusova sports agent”

  1. Jana says:

    Sasha truly is a phenomenon who will be remembered in 100 years, when most of the champions’ names will be long forgotten.

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