Artur Dmitriev, 11th place at US Nationals 2022, to take a break from his career to develop children’s sport in Russian regions

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Artur Dmitriev (29), who competed at the last US Nationals, took an indefinite break from his career.

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This was announced by the former figure skater Ekaterina Dmitrieva, Artur’s wife. In November 2021, the athlete announced his move to the United States, and in January 2022 he competed at the US Nationals, where he took 11th place.

‘Regarding the transfer, we can only say that Arthur has now taken a break for an indefinite period. I would not say that he is ending his career. Artur maintains his physical and technical shape, begins to develop other important skills, for which there was less time and opportunity during intensive preparations for certain competitions.

He will look at the circumstances and desire. Now our goal is to develop children’s and youth sports in the regions of Russia. There is a definite plan of action and a vision. We will start small and develop this direction,’ – said the figure skater’s wife.


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