Tatiana Tarasova: “The life of athletes is very short. Changing of sports citizenship is not treason and not betrayal! It’s just a choice out of desperation.”

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Tatiana Tarasova spoke about the change of sports citizenship by Russian athletes and called to allow them to participate in international competitions.

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Tatiana Tarasova: We, coaches, know better than anyone else that the life of athletes is very short, very short. I can understand those who want to change citizenship, and I can stay with those who won’t.

If there is no other choice, and your sports life is measured in 2-3 years, and sometimes even a year, then surely someone will think about it. This is not treason and not betrayal! It’s just a choice out of desperation.

I do not call anyone and do not advise anything to anyone, but I will always understand athletes who lose the opportunity to participate in competitions. Sports, competitions and victories are their life.

source: sport24.ru

Tatiana Tarasova: It’s time to return our guys to international competitions. How long can it take? We hope that soon our guys will be able to perform on the international arena.

Now it’s a real mess! I am very worried about them. How long can it take? We love and support our athletes very much. Patience guys.

source: sport-express.ru


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