Alexandra Trusova: “The Olympics had a very strong influence on me. And this was a drastic change.”

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Alexandra Trusova about Olympics, trying herself in athletics, quintuple jumps, age minimum and relationship with Mark Kondratiuk.

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Olympic silver medalist in figure skating Alexandra Trusova admitted that the Beijing Games had an impact on her dramatic change.

On June 9, Trusova competed in the long jump at the junior (U20) competitions as part of the Athletics Week. Trusova’s best result was 4.10 meters.

Alexandra Trusova: I always like to try new things and when the Olympics were over I decided that, probably, now is the moment when I can try something new, different.

Long jump – was it your decision or was it an offer from the Athletics Federation?

Alexandra Trusova: I said in some interview, and then I was offered.

What was the hardest thing about these jumps?

Alexandra Trusova: When they explained it, everything became clear. But at first, of course, I did not understand how to do it. It seemed to me that it would be difficult, I did not know how to land, which leg to push with, I had many questions.

What have you tried that can compare with this?

Alexandra Trusova: Frame up strip. After the Olympics, I danced for a month, then we posted a video. I really like it. The Olympics had a very strong influence on my changes.

Growing up or changing, how would you describe it more accurately?

Alexandra Trusova: Growing up has always been going on, over the years, and this change was drastic. But probably still both.


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Alexandra Trusova, also told that she believes in the possibility of performing a quintuple-jump.

Are quadruple jumps still a challenge for you or is it something ordinary?

Alexandra Trusova: I think that I can’t skate without quads in competitions. So it’s probably something usual. I think that I have no right to perform without quads.

Five quadruples is what you talked about, and almost no one believed that it was possible, but you did it. Quintuple – is this the same challenge for you?

Alexandra Trusova: Maybe. I don’t know when or how, but I think it’s possible.


About raising the age minimum

Alexandra Trusova: I always compete only with myself. I have nothing to do about the rules. I will compete according to the rules that we have.


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Trusova also told that she began to communicate closely with Mark Kondratiuk during the Games in Beijing.

I can not help but ask about Mark. This is a personal story, important for any woman. The fact that it happened after the Olympics, is it connected?

Alexandra Trusova: I don’t know if it’s related or not. Just because I decided that I could do something other than figure skating, I have a bit new life, I began to try, I began to communicate with many people, including Mark. We walked together at the Olympics, it was very interesting, we just talked, and so it happened.



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