Alena Kostornaia: “Probation period? Since we have choreographed two programs, this says something.”

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Alena Kostornaia about motivation to continue her career, triple axel, new programs and Olympics in Beijing.

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source: radio “Pervoe-Sportivnoe”

About the results of 2022 Olympics in Beijing

Alena Kostornaia: Of course, Sasha is a fighter. She fulfilled her content, which she struggled with for a very long time. Much respect to her for that.

I could not help but be happy for my friend, because we are good friends with Anya, I have said it more than once. But I was very hurt when I saw the tears of Sasha and Kamila, purely on a human note.

Trusova’s tears? I can’t say for sure… Maybe she was sure that by completing the content, she would be invincible. I think mostly it was so. Sasha wanted to complete this content (five quadruple jumps) not just because there was such a desire, but because it was some kind of guarantee: having done the maximum, having done everything, she would be invincible. But fate decided otherwise.

She was already sure of this (of victory) and then… And she understands that she did everything that depended on her, but still no. She was second and third so many times. Maybe she understood that she didn’t jump here, she didn’t fully rotate there, but she could have been the first. And then she did everything, but still not the first. She has been going to this for so many years, and still no.

About thoughts to end her career

Were there situations when you wanted to finish with the sport?

Alena Kostornaia: At the end of every week. At the beginning of the week, I came charged, not tired, then I started to get tired, everything stopped working out.

Probably, I had one such moment when I said: that’s it, I finish for sure. It was during quarantine. We sat at home, so much time passed, I thought that I would not be able to recover. I was depressed, and I couldn’t go anywhere, you were sitting at home within the walls. I was already looking for schools with a focus on the subjects that I needed.

When they told me that we were leaving for Novogorsk in three days, I sat and thought: why do I need all this now? But still, it came, everything seemed to be fine.

From sitting at home, at some point I became as lazy as possible. And then I thought: every day, two workouts, and at the each workout you need to work hard. Even the thought made it so hard.

At the beginning of the quarantine, I used to say: I need to keep myself in shape, in the middle I was already calmer. At the end of the quarantine, I thought: well, actually I like to study, to gain new knowledge. So during the quarantine, I managed to burn out, got inspired, burn out again, go on the ice and burn with desire again.

About possibility to change sports citizenship

Alena Kostornaia: I can definitely say for myself that I won’t do it. I didn’t have that thought in spite of everything that had happened. I represent my country, to some extent I am a patriot of my country, so I, in spite of everything, will skate, I will not change anything.

If we are closed for 5 years? I don’t think they will close us. We will hope for the best. They have already announced that we will have competitions – the federation will make competitions for us. So I don’t see any point in it.

There are tournaments, there are competitions – everything is fine.

About her last year in Tutberidze’s group

Alena Kostornaia: There were moments, they told me that I needed to work harder, jump more axels, and the last time ended with a fracture. But, I think, let’s omit this topic, because I went for it myself.

About triple axel

Alena Kostornaia: I had it in training. After breaking my arms, we even trained it on harness, and also without it. I haven’t landed it yet because there was no time at all. And so, in the season I did it in training. I also jumped it at the test skates.

About quads

Alena Kostornaia: Now is a great opportunity to work on new elements. It’s time to try something. This is the case when you can be not afraid to take risks, because the risk is absolutely justified.

Quads? I’ll see how things develop. Of course, I want at least to try. There were attempts, but a very long time ago. Not right now. But with these opportunities, everything is there for it: there is a jump height, my height – I probably won’t grow up anymore. Why not try?

About probation period in CSKA

Alena Kostornaia: What is a probationary period? Well, the media simply inflate information, take excerpts from words, mixe it somehow and shove it into the headline. And our people are so smart that they read the headline and go to comment, and everything after the headline – they don’t even read.

Did they take me? My coach will definitely tell you about it! But, I think, since we have choreographed two programs, this says something.

They told me: decide for yourself whether you want to train and skate or not. I said I want to. Then they asked me a few more times: are you sure? But when I asked for the results of my medical examination, the doctor asked: do you want to find injuries and slack off? Elena Germanovna has already said: she doesn’t want to.

About new programs

Alena Kostornaia: It is difficult to say that it will be something super-new, rather the well-forgotten old in a very new arrangement. The case when I cannot decide which program I like more – I like both so much, they are so different.

There will be something sharp and bright in one program, and something a little mushy in the other.

About motivation to continue skating

Alena Kostornaia: I don’t know, to be honest, where I get motivation from. I’m wondering too. I just realized that I love figure skating so much, I love performing. It’s not that the result is not important to me, no, it is important. The first and tenth – the difference is significant, excuse me. But I realized that I love to perform, I love to compete, I like to go on the ice alone, so that the stands look at me, especially when everything works out, everyone clap. And I don’t know. This moment gives me euphoria.


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