Tatiana Tarasova on Timothy LeDuc being the first non-binar athlete at the Winter Olympics: “People are different. Such people also have a right to be an Olympian.”

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Tatiana Tarasova commented on the news that the American Timothy LeDuc will become the first non-binary athlete at the Winter Olympic Games.

photo by cska.ru

source: sportrbc.ru

Tatiana Tarasova: People are different, he is human and was born that way. Such people want to show that they also have the right to be an Olympian. We should not be against.

Tarasova also noted that the participation of a non-binary athlete would not be a threat to the Olympic movement.

Tatiana Tarasova: One person will not become a threat to the Olympic Movement. Cross yourself. I believe that every person born on earth has the right to do what he wants.


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