“No one skated perfectly, but Trusova did three quads” Tatiana Tarasova about ladies” competitions in Kazan

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Tatiana Tarasova summed up the results of the ladies’ competitions at the fourth stage of the Russian Cup in Kazan.

Tatiana Tarasova: No one skated perfectly, but Sasha did three quads, she didn’t do only one – the third one. But she brilliantly performed quad in the second half of the program and in a sequence with an euler and triple salchow.

Trusova is a hero. She deservedly got the score higher than the world record, albeit unofficial. It means that there will be an official one soon.

She needs a little rest in the program before entering the third quad. After all, not all men put so many quads in a row.

Alena showed us how much ready she is for today: she is not ready yet. She is still working to restore the triple axel. Let’s wish her to restore it!

So far I don’t see how she can beat Trusova if Sasha skates clean. Alena and Sasha got almost the same score for program components. Sasha improved in the second mark, after all the girls develop comprehensively until puberty comes.

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Tatiana Tarasova: I’ve seen athletes who fights with themselves, and that’s great. Sasha managed to jump amazingly three of the four declared jumps, from one she fell. Her passion for quadruple jumps delights me, it’s a joy to watch. She improved in skating – this is no longer a child, but an adult girl, she needs to work on skating skills, we should congratulate her.

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One response to ““No one skated perfectly, but Trusova did three quads” Tatiana Tarasova about ladies” competitions in Kazan”

  1. Carolina says:

    Yes. Sasha is unbeleavable Yes the
    Scating skills. But she improved- and- with such a complete different load in a programm, not comparable with others, it is difficult to show the best skills, the components. One dead you must die. For me she is great and she improved so much with the new coaching staff. I wish her 1th places with all my heart. She deserves it.

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