Brian Orser: I’m very proud that Medvedeva didn’t give up

Posted on 2019-10-27 • 5 comments


Brian Orser commented on Evgenia Medvedeva’s performance at Skate Canada 2019.

After the short program:

Brian: I don’t know what happened in the short program. She trained harder than ever. I saw that she was in better shape than before. And you saw that she had good practices before competitions. At the same time, she was really calm, because she was preparing right, she was in good shape.

We must find out what happened because she is too well prepared to allow situation that happened. She is too good.

by dd. October 26th, 2019

After the free program:

Brian: I’m very proud that she didn’t give up. Evgenia believed in herself, as I believed in her. Together we will work on the psychological aspect of the short program. She had to go through this.

by dd. October 27th, 2019


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5 Responses to “Brian Orser: I’m very proud that Medvedeva didn’t give up”

  1. Lizz says:

    I would be a nerve wreck if I knew that no matter how perfectly I perform my program I will not get the gold unless Trusova messes up her quads because Trusova’s BV is higher. She will get confidence when her programs include at least 1 quad or triple axels or when those russian girls lose their quads when puberty hits. She also knows she’s almost 20 and the clock is ticking.

    • FS Gossips says:

      As they say “Welcome to the club”) One day it was her who left no chance for others to get gold no matter how clean they perform their programs.

  2. Daniil says:

    I agree with you but a fact that she knows she is not the best right now definitely has an effect on her performance. A few years ago, she knew she was the best, she knew if she delivers it she will win. She had so much confidence in her. At Skate Canada, she practiced with Trusova, saw her quads and etc. It’s just hard to get it out of your head the idea that you are not the one anymore, it’s a different approach.

    Medvedeva looked technically ready for the short but she doesn’t have the same confidence as she used to.

  3. Daniil says:

    I’m not sure why Brian just won’t admit that it was the pressure and nerves. To me, she looked extremely nervous throughout the whole short program.

    • FS Gossips says:

      To be honest, I think she lacks full run-throughs of her programs. I mean, yes it may be not the way mature athlete train, but she used to such approach and it gave her inner confidence that she can go and skate her program clean no matter what. And now it difficult for her to really believe that such an approach gives her 100% readiness. Well, this is just my thoughts.

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