Eteri Tutberidze’s former skaters: She has a clear understanding how and when to work

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Eteri Tutberidze’s former skaters Polina Tsurskaya and Daria Panenkova share some memories about training in this group.

Polina Tsurskaya about her decision to leave group of Eteri Tutberidze:

My decision (to leave Eteri Tutberidze’s group -ed.) has nothing to do with Zhenya Medvedeva, although there were many statements that she dragged me along with her. But this decision has been emerging in my family. I lost faith in myself. There are a lot of strong girls in the group who are learning new jumps, progressing – they are small, quick, bouncy.

Eteri Georgievna is a person who has a system, has a clear understanding how and when to work. If she sees that you can, even if you give every appearance of “not today, I can’t, I don’t want to” she will force you.

I began to answer her, maybe to disobey in some soments. Of course, Eteri Georgievna doesn’t like it, she begins to swear, put you in your place, explain you that you are wrong. During that transitional period, this caused a very great offense: “How dare you say that?” Although at a younger age you thought: “Why do they say that to me? I need to do it better.”

This person (Eteri Tutberidze – ed.) really became like one of my family – I spent all the time at the rink, communicated with Eteri Georgievna. She built a character in me, an understanding of life, I’m extremely grateful to her for that. When I left her a year ago, probably I did it not in a nice way. I didn’t come, didn’t thank her, didn’t give flowers. We greeted said “Hi” at competition, but nothing more. I congratulated her on her birthday, that’s all.

I did so because I felt embarrassed – for five years she has been putting her soul into me, giving all of herself, and now I’m leaving her. I was embarrassed and scared to go to her.

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photo by Yandex Zhen

Daria Panenkova about problems during transitional age and leaving the group:

The fight weight began. I was drawn to the sweet – all sorts of chocolates. Once coaches even caught me in the store. Then it wasn’t funny. Eteri Georgievna keeps it more positive, she teases, and I was scared that she would tease hard and long.

I went to every practice with pain, and I had a fear that my leg would break. Eteri Georgievna said “go calm down” because I was crying. In the locker room, when the practice session was over, Eteri Georgievna told me: “Either you go on the ice with the younger ones, or you leave.” And I said I’m leaving. I packed up and left the training camp.

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