Spanish ice dance: prospects for season 2016-2017 [+video]

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This season Spanish National Championships in ice dance is going to be exciting. There will be an intrigue and rivalry of ex-partners. Yeah, everything we love)

We’ve already seen Celia Robledo & Luis Fenero and Olivia Smart & Adria Diaz at ISU senior b-events. In case if you’ve missed it, here are some videos:

Celia Robledo & Luis Fenero SD and FD from Autumn Classic 2016

Of course they need to add more speed, to work on synchronization and accuracy of their steps, but let’s not to forget that it was the very beginning of the season. But I always liked their lifts. Nice pair but I don’t see them as Spanish ice dance team No.1.

Olivia Smart & Adria Diaz SD and FD from Finlandia Trophy

I like their short dance (I rarely say it this season), it’s dancing and tasteful. As for FD I don’t think that typical  Dubreuil-Lauzon’s style is a best choice for this pair.  I’d like to see more personality and Adria’s temper)

And now we can see how Sara Hurtado and Kirill Khaliavin look on the ice together. Here’s small video from their trainings:

They wanted to participate in some b-event in November, but on dates of this tournament Kirill still won’t be eligible to represent Spain internationally. So, their first competition will be Spanish National Championships.

What do you think? Who will go to European and World Championships? Who is your bet?)

I think potentially Hurtado / Khaliavin are stronger, mostly due to Kirill’s individual technique,  but at this moment Smart / Diaz have more competitive experience, which is very important for a new pair.


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