Haein Lee: “I couldn’t control my feelings well because my heart was too heavy.”

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Translation of Haein Lee’s comments about the Four Continents Championships.

original source: mfocus.kr dd. 2d February 2024

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Translation of the comments made by Haein Lee in an interview for mfocus.kr

Although Haein Lee shed tears the previous day due to personal issues, she entered the mixed zone today (after the free skate – ed.) with a composed expression. Reflecting on her emotions, she commented, “Yesterday, I couldn’t control my feelings well because my heart was too heavy. I think this is the first time I’ve shown such a bad performance in a championships, so it’s even more disheartening. However, there’s still World Championships, and since this is my job, I will do my best to show a better performance at Worlds.”

Having revealed having a personal difficulties the day before, Haein Lee couldn’t help but recall those moments and shed tears during morning practice. She openly shared, “It’s still a bit tough. Being a human, I kept thinking about it. The practice went well, and I thought ‘It’s okay, it’s okay,’ but due to the sudden emergence of a bad memories, it comes up unexpectedly. To be honest, there wasn’t any significant problem with my body, and my condition was fine. However, because of that sudden change, even though I should have done well, I feel a bit weak. Now that the competition is over, I need to take a break or maybe meet frequently with a sports psychologist to overcome this.”


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