Yana Rudkovskaya: “Trusova is the only person from the old guard who can seriously come back.”

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Translation of Yana Rudkovskaya’s comments about Alexandra Trusova.

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Here’s a translation of Yana Rudkovskaya’s comments about chances of Alexandra Trusova to return to competitions.

Q: You mentioned Sasha Trusova. Were the Nationals less spectacle without her?

Yana Rudkovskaya: Certainly! Trusova brought in the competition with five quads. With Plushenko, she cleanly executed two quadruple lutzes in the short program and secured the third place. How can that be? Now, with such content, she would easily win.

For me, Sasha is a phenomenal athlete. I miss her and Sofia Samodelkina; she has not only restored the axel but also the quadruple salchow.

The more strong athletes, the more interesting the competition and content. It’s about competition and sports. Everything was good at the Russian Nationals, but I missed ultra-C in the ladies’ event.

Q: Perhaps we shouldn’t expect Trusova to perform at a high level anymore?

Yana Rudkovskaya: Why do you think so? I believe that Sasha Trusova is the only person from the old guard who can seriously come back. I know her character; we are friends and communicate a lot, we have a trusting relationship.

If Trusova returns, she can stir things up at any competition. This girl has character. She is currently doing triple lutzes, triple toe loop, and lutz – loop on a show.

She trains every day alongside everyone else and sometimes has two training sessions a day. Trusova is a true professional. If she wants to come back, she will come back.”


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