Mao Shimada: “Next time, I want to succeed in both: triple axel and quad toe loop.”

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Mao Shimada about her performance at the Junior Grand Prix stage in Japan.

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Mao Shimada (14, from Kinoshita Academy), the winner of this year’s World Junior Championships, secured a dominant victory at the Junior Grand Prix event in Japane with a total score of 213.86 points.

Her free skate routine incorporated two major elements. She successfully executed a triple axel at the beginning but fell during the second element, a quadruple toe loop. Nevertheless, her other jumps, including a triple loop, demonstrated exceptional stability, showcasing the reigning World Junior champion’s authority on the ice.

Despite finishing 25.71 points ahead of the second-place finisher, Yo Takagi (15, from Tokyo Joshi Gakuin), Shimada expressed dissatisfaction, saying, “It wasn’t that great.” She had been practicing the quadruple jumps in preparation for the event but stated, “Even during practice, I couldn’t quite get it right. I felt that it wasn’t coming together.”

Nevertheless, she promised to continue attempting the two challenging elements, stating firmly, “Next time, I want to succeed in both.”

Shimada had previously won the Junior GP Final in her debut appearance as a junior skater last season. The 14-year-old, who disclosed her desire to show her growth compared to the previous year after the short program at this event, is committed to reaching even greater heights.

In the Junior GP Series, Shimada is also entered in the seventh event in Armenia (October 4-7, Yerevan).


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