Kana Muramoto: “When I invited Daisuke Takahashi to ice dance, it was a daring challenge with the mindset of ‘I’d rather try and regret than not try and regret!'”

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Short interview with Kana Muramoto.

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source: inredweb.jp dd. 25th August 2023

This year, figure skater Kana Muramoto announced her retirement from competitions. With a modest demeanor, she’s a pioneer in the Japanese ice dance world, embodying a powerful spirit that has led her to switch to ice dance, form a partnership with figure skater Daisuke Takahashi, and carve out her own path in life.

“Upon receiving an invitation to try ice dance, I found it incredibly enjoyable, and the spark was lit. I smoothly switched from singles to ice dance. I never thought I’d participate in the Olympics as an ice dancer. While I’m usually indecisive, if I feel it’s something I should do, I become proactive. When I invited Dai-chan (Daisuke Takahashi) to ice dance, it was a daring challenge with the mindset of ‘I’d rather try and regret than not try and regret!’ Looking back now, it’s quite daring (laughs).

As the youngest of three sisters, I was raised with love and freedom. Due to my father’s job, I experienced living abroad and attended international schools. Even during my career as an athlete, I spent seven years overseas. During my singles career, I just followed choreography, but ice dance demands even more expressive ability. My background of having lived a global lifestyle and cultivated the skill to express my opinions and individuality aligned well with this.”

What always emanates from Muramoto is “elegance” and “grace.” How were these qualities cultivated?

“Since I was young, my mother always taught me to pay attention to posture and behavior. I admired the top ice dancers who always shone and aimed to be more mindful as well. Additionally, I value always having a fun-loving spirit and maintaining a smile, never forgetting to be true to ‘myself.'”

Regarding retirement, Muramoto shares, ‘I had no doubts or sense of loss. I genuinely felt there couldn’t be a happier ending.’

“For me, retirement is a new beginning. It’s like turning the page to the next chapter. Since I’ve only done skating since I was 5, I don’t know what else I can do in the future, but skating will always be my anchor. Of course, I want to keep skating, and I dream of producing shows from behind the scenes. Someday, I’d like to choreograph for Dai-chan too. I enjoyed this fashion photoshoot, and I’m interested in hair and makeup. I also want to learn sewing. My dreams are expanding. I need to continue striving to maintain my skills and physical form to be open to skating opportunities. I want to polish myself even more than before.'”


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