Alexandra Trusova: “Olympics was a very significant goal for me, and I did everything to be so strong that if I skated clean, there was no need to worry. After my performance, I was sure I would win.”

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Interview with Alexandra Trusova. About not winning the Olympics, change of a coach, relationship, family and friends, favorite food and her hair.

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source: coocking show with Lyasan Utiasheva

About the beginning of the relationship with Mark Kondratyuk

Alexandra Trusova: Probably, the first conversation was at the Russian Nationals in 2022, where he won, and I was second. I came up to congratulate him because he became the new Russian champion. I really liked his performance. As for watching every performance, I probably only watched at the Olympics because we had a lot of time there. I went to watch, and I really enjoyed it.

So, you decided to approach him. You said, “Mark, I congratulate you, you are the new Russian champion” — was it like that?

Alexandra Trusova: Well, no, I was very…

“Give me your phone number!”

Alexandra Trusova: Actually, he texted me first; he found my number in the general group of the European Championships. In my case, it was easy to get my phone number (laughs).

Who took the first step?

Alexandra Trusova: Well, I didn’t plan to be in a relationship so early (smiles). We communicated very well, but it was in a companyr; during the Olympics, we hung out as a group of six, went out, played cards.

All the steps were from his side, as I said, for me, it was very early, unexpected. I understood that it was it after spending a vacation together, but we actually went on vacation together right away. That’s how we started dating.

Went on a vacation together at his initiative?

Alexandra Trusova: We were planning it even before we started dating when we were just friends: it wasn’t like we weren’t acquainted, and then started dating. Mark is also a very good friend (smiles). He is my first boyfriend, and I hope he’s the only one.

About friends and family

Alexandra Trusova: I don’t have any female friends. I’ve always socialized only with female figure skaters, and I believe that in sports, you can’t have friends. Mark tells me that there are friends in men’s single skating. But in women’s singles, I don’t think so.

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Did you realize from childhood that you wouldn’t have female friends in figure skating?

Alexandra Trusova: Not from childhood, probably from the age of 11. I think nobody sincerely becomes friends.

There were no situations; I guess that’s how I was brought up — I have a large family, and I was always with my family and my parents and brothers are enough for me. My mom was present at all my training sessions and competitions until the 2021 World Championships, but they just didn’t allow her there. In general, my mom is my best friend. And dogs, I have six dogs.

How did your family react to Mark?

Alexandra Trusova: Good. Egor (my middle brother), in my opinion, is very similar to Mark. As I got to know Mark better, I realized that they are very similar in behavior, interests, and even tastes — both love spicy food a lot.

About getting into sports and the Olympic tantrum

Alexandra Trusova: My parents say they didn’t want me to be an athlete — they just took me to the sports section for health. But then it happened that I really wanted it myself.

Did you fall in love with figure skating from the first try?

Alexandra Trusova: I thought about it a lot and answered these questions many times… I don’t know, specifically if it was figure skating or the desire to win, to be victorious. I think it was the thrill of winning that attracted me, and I feel it doesn’t matter in which sport; I always want to be the only one, the best, to win. My dad, comparing me to my brothers, says that I was always the one who wanted to race or do something, but to compete. My brothers said they were tired, but I was always up for it.

How do you deal with defeats?

Alexandra Trusova: I’ve always been okay with them. The Olympics was a very significant goal for me, and I did everything to be so strong that if I skated clean, there was no need to worry. Unfortunately… (laughs)

Tell me, what do you think went wrong?

Alexandra Trusova: Nothing went wrong on my part. I did everything I could, and I believe…

That you won?

Alexandra Trusova: Well, I can’t say that; it’s not fair to the person who won. After my performance, I was sure I would win, so my reaction was like that. That’s it. And whatever they calculated, they calculated.

About leaving Tutberidze’s group

Can we summarize that you, in principle, switched coaches because of love? (about switching to Sokolovskaya’s group)

Alexandra Trusova: I can’t say that it was the only reason, as there were several factors. I am very grateful to all my coaches; I don’t hold any grudges or have any conflicts with anyone. I came, I spoke, and everyone understood, that’s it.

Are you happy as an athlete now? Is everything satisfactory?

Alexandra Trusova: Yes.

Does it not bother you that you and Mark have the same coach?

Alexandra Trusova: No, I believe it helps; we are always together — and that’s what I wanted. It’s very difficult for me to be apart from someone I love; I always want to be together.

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About her hair

Alexandra Trusova: I always wanted to be a redhead, but I take great care of my hair, never curl it with an iron, and even if there is an opportunity, I try not to blow-dry it, so I have never dyed it — I was afraid to damage it. But at 16, I asked Sofia Titova’s mom, who is a professional hairdresser, if she could dye my hair in a way that won’t damage it, and she said, “Yes, I’ll dye it for you, and your hair won’t be damaged.”

I’m very happy with the result, but each time I want it to be brighter and brighter, so they are becoming more and more red (laughs).

You’ve never cut your hair?

Alexandra Trusova: No. I would trim it as long as my mom could make me, and then, when I said “no” and she couldn’t convince me otherwise, I stopped — that was about five years ago.

About social media

Alexandra Trusova: Many people ask me to be active on social media, and I’m trying.

Do you read the comments?

Alexandra Trusova: Yes, now I do, I didn’t use to. I believe that everyone goes through a moment when at first, a lot of people start writing to you; it happened very abruptly to me after the first junior stage of the Grand Prix when I first landed a quadruple jump, but under-rotated. They started writing that I’m great and unique. At first, it’s really cool, and it lifts your mood. But then, after some time, they start writing negative things. For a 13-year-old, in my opinion, it’s a bit challenging not to pay attention.

What’s the most hurtful thing they wrote, something that really got to you?

Alexandra Trusova: At 13, nothing particularly memorable, I guess… At 14, I was attempting quadruple jumps, and it didn’t always work out — they often wrote that I was inconsistent. I’m grateful to all the people who watch me, regardless of how they react or what they say. Eteri Georgievna always told us that if they criticize you, it means you’re doing something right.

About her career and future

What’s happening with your career right now?

Alexandra Trusova: Nothing much. I’ve started living without trying to predict what will happen next, living day by day. I train, skate; we just had a training camp, and there will be a break, then another training camp. They’ve already did one program for me. I really like the music; it seems to suit me well.

Why do some girls leave the sport early? It might seem like you haven’t spent many years on the international stage, but in reality, some girls start very early. Since 2014, I really wanted to make it to the 2022 Olympics; it’s a very long time, in my opinion, that you train to qualify. I think they get tired.

But you’re still with us, you haven’t quit?

Alexandra Trusova: Not yet.

I transferred to Moscow State University to study journalism. Why? Probably because many figure skaters nowadays start doing something else after their careers; they start vlogging or engaging in other activities. I believe you need to learn first.

After my sports career, I definitely won’t become a choreographer. A coach? I’m trying; I already help and coach kids sometimes. I have the patience, but I prefer working with older kids in professional sports. People often ask me to skate with amateur skaters. I enjoy it, and I talk more with them, trying to give some advice.

I guess I haven’t decided yet what I want to do in the future. I’m studying, training, and slowly trying different things. We’ll see how it turns out.

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About taking pole dance classes

Alexandra Trusova: I wanted to try it for a long time. In general, I really like dancing, and I specifically enjoyed this style. Besides, people always wrote to me that I’m not flexible, can’t express emotions well, or do some choreography. In this aspect, I might disagree; I express only genuine emotions, and for me, emotional performance means doing what’s needed but very genuinely. I can’t single out a person who does it that way on the ice. I believe that forced emotions don’t look very good.

How does pole dance correlate with genuine emotions?

Alexandra Trusova: There’s no correlation. I meant that people wrote about my lack of flexibility or that I don’t dance well on the ice with my body. I didn’t specifically start taking pole dance classes to learn that. However, I always liked dancing, and whenever I have free time, I go to these classes. I really enjoy it.

Will your next ice performance somehow be related to pole dance?

Alexandra Trusova: I just don’t know how I can apply this style specifically since we’re always on the ice. Of course, anything is possible; there might be some opportunity or occasion — maybe, yes.

About superstitions

Alexandra Trusova: I don’t believe in anything like this. Maybe in my childhood, there were moments when you think that if you do something the same way as yesterday, it will bring good luck. I was around 9 years old when I realized that it absolutely doesn’t work. I don’t have any superstitions; I do things based on how I feel I need to do them at that moment. I don’t have any talismans, but I bring my dogs with me.

On the most absurd rumor about herself

Alexandra Trusova: There was a situation at the Grand Prix Final in Russia — I didn’t compete there, Mark did. I went out to watch the award ceremony from the bottom of the ice, near the locker rooms. I stood there, trying not to draw too much attention from people who were watching the ceremony because they start shouting and giving me books and notepads to sign.

And then, as they were awarding the skaters, they said something. At some point, I guess they noticed me — after all, I have red hair. They started shouting very loudly; I think everyone on the ice heard it: “Sasha, give me an autograph!” I turned around and said, “Please, don’t shout. I’ll sign for you now, just please don’t shout — they’re giving out awards right now.” And they wrote that Trusova…

Yelled at her fans?

Alexandra Trusova: Sort of: “Shouted at them, ‘Don’t yell! They’re awarding people there.’ ” It was surprising, of course.

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On admired personalities

Whose hard work do you admire and respect?

Alexandra Trusova: I’ve always said Aliona Savchenko because she worked for a long time and achieved her goal. Nathan Chen because he does a lot of quads.

Are you on Team Plushenko or Team Yagudin?

Alexandra Trusova: (laughs) Can we cut my answer later?

No, we’re live!

Alexandra Trusova: Well, honestly… No, I’m not on anyone’s team. But I trained with Evgeni Plushenko, so naturally, I’m part of his team.

About food

Alexandra Trusova: Now, since we started dating, we go to restaurants very often. Probably, in every restaurant we’ve been to several times, there’s a dish and I almost always order it. Mark can go in without me and order. I really love beef stroganoff with mushrooms, steaks.

Proper diet? I can’t say I eat properly. Relatively speaking, maybe I ate properly when I was preparing for the Olympics. And when my weight was fluctuating. But now, there are no forbidden foods. When I was preparing for the Olympics, there was no strict ban on certain foods, I just ate them very rarely: I really love buns. I don’t like burgers, french fries, or any other fast food, but I really love buns – the simplest ones: with sugar, with poppy seeds, or plain ones.

I rarely drink coffee; I don’t really like it. And it always gives me a headache.

Final words

Wish something to the girls who have watched this whole broadcast and surely want attention for themselves.

Alexandra Trusova: I wish them good luck and success. You will succeed if you work hard.


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  1. Jana says:

    I watched the whole interview. Sasha and the host were having fun, cooking, chatting about all kinds of stuff. It’s the media, not Sasha, bringing the old issue back over and over. I appreciate her honesty about it, yet, she’s the last one who would dwell on the subject.

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    But she didn’t win because Anna was better and now she’s salty like Evgenia.

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