Alina Zagitova: When I come home and fall from tiredness, I understand that I don’t need quads yet

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Interview with Alina Zagitova after Grand-prix in Helsinki 2018.

Alina, in the free program were you nervous on that combination that did not work out in the short program?

– No, I understood that it was a ridiculous mistake. I did it well in practice. I wasn’t nervous, although I still made it imperfect.

You chose Rodion Shchedrin for “Carmen”. Is it possible to say that the Bolshoi Theater continues on ice, if we consider your previous ballet performances?

– Probably yes. In general, Don Quixote and Carmen are very different programs, although they are similar in some respects. In “Carmen” I have quite a lot of different pieces, the coaches spent a lot of time to put them together, then we worked on it, and such a theater iturned out on the ice.

There is an opinion that “Carmen” is a overused theme that many skaters used, starting with the famous Katarina Witt.

– Each person still sees this image in different ways. And shows it on the ice differently. By the way, first that I watched was Katarine Witt’s performance. I think that there is nothing wrong that many skated to “Carmen”.

After the Olympic triumph what has mainly changed in your trainings?

– I knew that this season will not be very easy, and I need to train and skate even more. I definitely began to skate and train more thoughtfully. As an experienced athlete, I understand what I need. But there are days when I don’t want to train at all. At this moment Eteri Georgievna Tutberidze and my parents get involved(laughs).

Has the attitude of Eteri Tutberidze to you changed?

– We have been seing each other almost every day for the past four years, and we continue getting know each other. I can say that we have become closer.

For several years, in the group of Eteri Tutberidze you have an “ambitious understudy”. Now there are another. Do you train with them on the same ice, or do you train separately with Alexandra Trusova and Anna Scherbakova?

– No, we all skate together on the same ice, about 8-10 people. And in this regard, it’s even easier, with them you feel younger.

At 16, you want to feel younger?

– Even younger. In older groups, you feel like an old man, and here – on the contrary.

When you see the quadruple jumps of Trusova and Shcherbakova, don’t you have a desire to learn them?

– I have. But then, when I come home and fall from tiredness, I understand that I don’t need it yet.

The day before you were offended by the question about your growth. But due to growth, the technique of jumping is changing. Do you have this problem?

– Probably, the main consequence of growth – I skate more slowly. The feeling is the same as before, but I skate slower. Probably I need to work more on training.

Do you have disappointment from the fact that everything seems to be the same as before, but it’s not?

– I understand that it is inevitable. Everyone grows, but once it ends. You need to work, and then everything will be fine.

Did your relationship with your friends change after you became an Olympic champion?

– I don’t have many friends. Many people want to make friends with me, but, probably, I am more a family person. I miss this because my parents live in different city. It is good that I got Masaru.

Do you go for a walk with her?

– Yes, but it usually happens this way: there are few dogs of this breed in Russia, so first everyone says “Oh, Hachiko”, pay attention to Masaru, and then they recognize me. It was on the news, they showed how they gave her to me, so everyone asks how is Masaru first, and then ask about me. And sometimes they don’t even ask how I’m doing.

Does popularity allows you use subway?

– I live near the skating rink, so I don’t need to take the subway. And if I want to go somewhere, I get a taxi.

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