Alina Zagitova: We are not robots to skate always clean

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Alina Zagitova about mistake in the short program at GP in Helsinki.

Alina, what was the reason of your mistake in the short program?

– I felt uncertainty. But this ok, I have something to strive to. I am already an experienced athlete, need to overcome myself.

Was the preparations for these competitions any different?

– Everything was as usual.

At practices on Thursday and Friday morning, you did everything without a single mistake.

– Listen, we are not robots to skate always clean. Somewhere I was too nervous. I was a bit not focused on the start, I was kind of a blank. I need to get ready.

Why did it happen? First start at the Grand Prix?

– Less than a week ago, I started to get nervous. Probably, this overreach affected. It was time to go to the start, but I did not understand that I needed to go to the start. We need to discuss this with coaches.

For you, competitions have always been a holiday.

– There is always excitement at competitions, just before there were not so many thoughts in my head. And now I began to think how to do this or that… The body remembers everything, but the head prevents a bit . It is necessary to disconnect from everything.

You are here in the status of Olympic champion. Does it add pressure?

– Probably not. I have already proved everything to myself, I just need to skate for pleasure.

You have tapes on your legs. Is something bothering you?

– (after a pause) No.

It seems that you have grown up lately. Is this the right impression?

– Probably, by a centimeter, but this is not a very significant increase. In general, I am surprised that I am so often asked this question. All people grow, this is normal.

Have you become more mature in thoughts?

– Yes. I go to the trainings and start to notice something. Previously, I did not notice how summer turns into autumn. Now I look and start to think how beautiful it is. I have a completely different approach to trainings. I have more mature thinking now.

Do programs fit your age?

– Probably yes. The coaches said that it is necessary to grow up to “Carmen” in a free program and I did it. I feel it well. I did not immediately understand the short program (Phantom of the Opera). But the coaches made me. “You play this character, you have to be upset here, here you have to shoe something else …” Now I understand everything what I am skating.

Can you wall off everything that is happening around you in social networks?

– Probably yes. I try to wall off all this. Of course, I read everything that they write. But I try to keep it all away from me. It’s just interesting.



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  1. Now she’s just inspirational! More power dear!

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