“The West will do everything to ruin Russia and our sport.” Alexander Zhulin about possible massive change of sport citizenship in Russian team

Posted on 2022-03-08 • 10 comments


Coach Alexander Zhulin about possible massive change of citizenship in figure skating due to the sanctions against Russian sports.

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source: sport24.ru

Alexander Zhulin: It is very difficult to predict, because the situation is really difficult. In general, the change of sports citizenship is a kind of betrayal in this case: a difficult situation arose, and you just left. Well how will the fans look at such athletes?

On the other hand, people have spent their whole lives in sports, training, preparing, performing, and now the international federation tells them that they are not eligible to participate in world competitions and that they will miss a season or two. I would not undertake to speak for everyone, because everyone has their own nuances, their own problems.

After all, there is also a year of skipping competitions when moving to another national team – not everyone will go for this either. Another question is that maybe now they will decide to make an exception and cancel this rule for athletes from Russia. I won’t even be surprised with such a decision, because the West will do everything to ruin Russia and our sport.

I am sure that everyone would like to continue to glorify their country, to perform under the flag, the anthem of their homeland. But what international sports federations are doing now is incomprehensible. This is very painful and embarrassing. Therefore, each athlete, not only a skater, will decide based on his own motives and thoughts. But I would not rule out mass change of citizenship in figure skating and other sports.

In this case, I would not condemn anyone, because the situation is really very difficult and ambiguous. How would I do? Honestly I do not know. It’s very hard. I hope that everything will be resolved soon and there will be no reasons to change the sport citizenship.


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10 Responses to ““The West will do everything to ruin Russia and our sport.” Alexander Zhulin about possible massive change of sport citizenship in Russian team”

  1. gandolfo says:

    He´s 100 % right. Like those skaters had anything to do with whats going on. just like american and israelis skaters were not guilty when their goverments were causing the death of houndreds of thousands. The only diference is just propaganda.

  2. Eder says:

    If the “homeland” betrays the spirit of its own jewels, I’m sure other nations will welcome them with respect.

  3. Jogi says:

    Russia must stop killing Ukrainians. Everything else does not matter.

  4. Susan says:

    I felt sorry for the Russian skaters until I read this. The problem is not the West, it is Putin.

  5. Roseu says:

    US/NATO is the one who’s ruining the peace and balance in Europe by expanding towards Russia’s borders. I’m in no way agreeing with Russia’s use of violence but I understand where they’re coming from. Maybe tell US to go the fvck home and stop acting like the mighty policeman and moral standard of the world.

  6. Sam says:

    stop the war!

  7. Gary Clark says:

    Russia is in the process of ruining the world!! Putin’s ego-driven war will ruin the Russian people as well as those he wishes to conquer. They are people just like the rest of us. They have hopes and dreams and want peaceful families and an education and to love and be loved. What are you doing Putin?? Who do think you are??! Speak up people!!

  8. WAHOE says:

    The west will ruin Russia!?
    Russia kills Ukrainian and destroys the peace of Europe!
    This is fact — anything else is at the moment NOT relevant I guess!

  9. Suzanne Fraser says:

    Russia , however, has totally destroyed Ukraine and their sport

  10. Gina says:

    Pretty sure the fans will be just fine with it.

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