Kostornaia moved from Tutberidze to Buyanova

Posted on 2022-03-02 • 5 comments


source: MatchTV

Kostornaia moved from Eteri Tutberidze to Elena Buyanova

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Expected that the skater will start full-time work with a new coach on Monday.

Kostornaia moved from Tutberidze to Evgeni Plushenko before last season, but she could not achieve significant success with the new team and returned to Eteri Tutberidze in the spring. This season, the skater competed in the Grand Prix series and failed to qualify for the Final. She also missed the Russian Nationals due to a wrist fracture and was unable to qualify to the Olympics. Later, Kostornaia announced that she had also broken her second hand.

Buyanova is known for her work with the four-time Russian national champion Maxim Kovtun and the first Olympic champion in women’s single skating in the history of Russia and the USSR – Adelina Sotnikova. In recent years, her most notable student was Artur Danielian, the winner of the Russian and European Championships.


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5 Responses to “Kostornaia moved from Tutberidze to Buyanova”

  1. susan smith says:

    Any normal teen intending to become a healthy woman wouldn’t be able to get along with Tutberidze. Who wants to be starved, doped and over-trained to the point where you have constant fractures?

  2. KTD says:

    …she did qualify for the Grand Prix Final. Do some better research next time.

  3. Jacko Man says:

    Who is gonna pay for her training outside of Sambo/Crystal? The way things are going in Russia, state funded athletes and schools are the only ones that can survive for a while. Foreign sponsorships will be cut soon and families are conserving money for essentials. Russia not allowed at international competitions made sports even least of a priority for the country. I wouldnt be surprised if they cut the size of FS national team for next season. Kostornaya was only reserve member last season. She had a so-so season.

  4. John Abreu says:

    I hope haters don’t take on Kostornaia for her decision. This girl has the right to find her own destiny. Do you love FS? Oh well, don’t celebrate the fall of any skater.

  5. ioanykie says:

    Really ? Yet another coaching change from Kostornaia ? Seems like she really couldn’t get along with Tutberidze after all…
    I wish she can achieve success and feel ok with her new coach.

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