Elena Buyanova said that Alena Kostornaia resumed training on ice after surgery. Alena denies it “As soon as I can train, I will be the first to announce it.”

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Coach Elena Buyanova said that the 2020 European champion Alena Kostornaia resumed training on ice after surgery. [...]

Elena Buyanova: “Kostornaia came to me even more psychologically vulnerable, with a fear of jumps. She was afraid to land and break her arm again.”

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Coach Elena Buyanova told in the big interview how Alena Kostornaia could come to her earlier, why skaters return to [...]

Alena Kostornaia will undergo surgery for a hip injury

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European figure skating champion Alena Kostornaia will undergo surgery due to an injury. View this post on [...]

Alena Kostornaia: “If you compete in seniors, you are already an adult. Maybe in life – no, but in sports – yes. If you have adult privileges, then you are responsible as an adult.”

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Interview with Alena Kostornaia. About leaving Eteri Tutberidze and working with Elena Buyanova, about new programs [...]

Elena Buyanova: “Talented people are very difficult in the training process, so I, as a coach, need time to understand Alena. It would be very sad if she ends her career without trying to restart it.”

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Elena Buyanova about working with Alena Kostornaia. View this post on Instagram A post shared by [...]

“While the work is going on. For now I monitor. It doesn’t mean that I took her.” Buyanova about working with Alena Kostornaia

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Elena Buyanova spoke about working with Alena Kostornaia. View this post on Instagram A post [...]

Kostornaia moved from Tutberidze to Buyanova

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source: MatchTV Kostornaia moved from Eteri Tutberidze to Elena Buyanova View this post on Instagram [...]

Elena Buyanova: “Hanyu or Chen? My favorite is Chen. For now. But they are both absolutely brilliant athletes and can lose only themselves

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Interview with Elena Buyanova. About preparing Adelina Sotnikova for Sochi Olympics, upcoming Olympics in Beijing, [...]

Elena Radionova: I squeezed the maximum of me

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Bronze medalist of the 2015 World Championship, the first-ever two-time world junior champion Elena Radionova [...]

Evgenia Medvedeva will train at the CSKA with Buyanova while borders are closed

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CSKA coach Elena Buyanova told that the two-time world champion and silver medalist of the 2018 Olympic Games, the [...]

Elena Buyanova: In sport, someone is always a breakthrough force, the rest either catch up or fall off

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Interview with Elena Buyanova. About training on self-isolation, Worlds cancelation, development of figure skating and [...]

Elena Buyanova: In Graz, everyone told me that Danielian reminds young Fernandez

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Interview with Elena Buyanova about Artur Danielian successful debut at the European Championships. by Elena [...]

Anastasiia Gubanova: Elena Buyanova wants everything at once

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Interview with Anastasiia Gubanova who was recently expelled from Elena Buyanova's group in CSKA because of "lack of [...]

Elena Buyanova: Medvedevaworked at CSKA according to the plan Orser left her

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Elena Buyanova about Evgenia Medvedeva who has been recently training on CSKA ice. On Saturday, Medvedeva posted [...]

Elena Buyanova: Radionova can no longer endure pain, it’s very hard for her now

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Interview with Elena Buyanova. About Elena Radionova, Polina Tsurskaya, Maria Sotskova, Anastasiya Gubanova and Maxim [...]

Elena Buyanova: Coaches always understand perfectly why skaters leave us

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Elena Vaitsekhovskaya's interview with Elena Buyanova. I remember that Tatiana Tarasova, talking about her work with [...]

Elena Buyanova: Masha stands out with amazing grace

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Elena Buyanova about Maria Sotskova's performance at Grand-prix in France. I  resented when after she short program, [...]

Russian coaches commented on performances at Finlandia Trophy

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Alexei Mishin, Elena Buyanova and Nina Mozer commented on performances of their skaters in the short programs at [...]

Elena Buyanova: the countess Sotskova is growing up

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I'be already translated part of Elena Buyanova's interview about Elena Radionova, I thought that it'd be a bit unfair [...]

Elena Buyanova: Lena is by nature primarily an athlete

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Translation of Elena Buyanova's interview. This part is about Elena Radionova. Elena Radionova's short program [...]

Elena Buyanova: In sport everything is fleeting

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Partly translation of Tatjana's Flade interview with Elena Buyanova (I skipped the part about bulding of the new ice [...]

Elena Radionova will train under the guidance of Elena Buyanova

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Elena Radionova changed a coach and will train with Elena Buyanova. Taking into account that Elena have been [...]

Adian Pitkeev withdrew from Grand Prix

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According to Elena Buyanova Adian Pitkeev has to postpone the start of competitive practice in the current season due [...]

Maria Sotskova: free program is a continuation of the short

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Maria Sotskova about reasons for change, work with new coach, unusual idea of the programs with continuation and plans [...]