Anastasiia Gubanova: “Glad that my result help the Russian team in the fight for gold against the US team.”

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Georgian figure skater Anastasiia Gubanova told that she showed her maximum in the short program at the Beijing Olympics team event and also mentioned that she would be glad if her result help the Russian team in the fight for gold against the US team.

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The performance was excellent, but it seems the scores from the judges could have been higher. Do you agree?

Anastasiia Gubanova: I’m satisfied with my work and performance, I’m happy that I did everything, despite certain circumstances. All this will remain behind the scenes. I’m glad that I got together and showed my maximum. As for the scores… It’s not up to me to decid.

Did you feel the Olympic atmosphere, were you very worried before the start?

Anastasiia Gubanova: I thought that I would be very worried, because these are very important competitions. But, perhaps, because there were no spectators, there was such a feeling as in training. But when you skate cleanly, make the last jump, the joy of being at the Olympics fills you up. The fact that exactly here I did everything. Emotions are indescribable.

The Olympics is usually the main dream of any athlete. What are you dreaming about now?

Anastasiia Gubanova: Another Olympics! And to skate clean in the indevidual competitions.


Anastasiia Gubanova: Have I heard that Russian fans call me “helper” in the fight against the United States? I heard yes. I just went to skate clean, and then be as it may. I don’t count points, to be honest, but I will be pleased (if my result helps). It will be very good.

How did I sleep today? Little, but well. The training was early – at 6:30 (local time). I had to get up at 4:30 to get ready and put on my makeup. So I managed to get some sleep. Did the coach wake me up in the morning? No, I’m independent, I wake up on my own. Now I’ll stay to watch the men, and then I’ll sleep.

Meals in the Olympic village are good, a large variety of products. Lots of interesting things, especially with fish. But I’m allergic to fish, so I can’t say anything. Athletes are well fed.

The main impression of the Olympic village? I was in Sochi after the Olympics, in the Olympic village. When I was little, everything was so cool for me there … And now, when I myself perform and live here, I catch some flashbacks and I can’t believe that I didn’t come here as a tourist. But now, when I went on the ice, I have already believed.



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