Anastasia Mishina and Aleksandr Galliamov: “When Moskvina says that it’ll be her sixth, or seventh Olympics it gives such confidence that the coach knows what to do”

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Interview with world champions in pair skating Anastasia Mishina – Aleksandr Galliamov.

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source: dd 14th January 2021 by Olga Ermolina

After winning the World Championships in Stockholm, how difficult was it to perform at the European Championships?

Aleksandr Galliamov: You know, the atmosphere here is more relaxed, calmer. Even if we are talking not about the Worlds, but about the Russian Nationals. Because at the Russian Nationals we had to give all the best emotionally, morally, physically. Of course, we also gave our best here, but all the same, the situation at the European Championships is not so fussy, not so tense. We just tried to do our best.

Anastasia Mishina: Morally, it is easier at the European Championships, because, firstly, there are no athletes from China, Japan, America, Canada. Secondly, no “bubble” here as at the Worlds Championships. There you were sitting in this competetive atmosphere and you constantly think about it. And here a big break between training and competitions. We went outside, walked, just like a little vacation. It relieved both stress and tension.

In Tallinn, you skated last in the free program. Did you know how your competitors skated?

Aleksandr Galliamov: We didn’t know. I didn’t watch anything at all.

Anastasia Mishina: I never look on purpose, but for some reason I know everything. I feel calmer this way. I calculate like a mathematician. Not even on purpose, but for the sport interest.

Aleksandr Galliamov: And I don’t watch on purpose, don’t want to think about it. I just walk before the start, listening to the music I like. And then I step on the ice with on my drive, and Nastya and I skate the program.

Anastasia Mishina: And I like to know. It’s like breaking news. That’s more interesting.

Yesterday and today you said that the scores do not matter to you.

Aleksandr Galliamov: Absolutely.

But how sincere are these words, because sport is still scores, goals, seconds, records?

Aleksandr Galliamov: Of course, we are glad. We later found out that we had set records. It’s nice. But of course we will continue to work to update these achievements. It just adds positive emotions, and after the short program we approached the free program in a good mood.

Anastasia Mishina: It’s so interesting: at the Russian Nationals we got much higher scores. But we skated a little better there. Perhaps that’s why the reaction here was – okay, okay. But it’s actually great!

In what moments, in your opinion, did you skate the free program a little worse here?

Aleksandr Galliamov: In terms of emotions, in terms of skating, we were a little uptight … But in some elements we worked well, and personally I can say that we improved in some places. The main thing is that the judges see it. But since the judges appreciated it, I hope they liked it.

Anastasia Mishina: Before the Russian Nationals, we worked very intensively and quite a long time. And before the European Championships we took a short break. Well, how small … Well, big for skaters – 5 days. We needed it, because it is very difficult to withstand the whole season. We rested and quickly, quickly prepared in a week or so.

You, apparently, have been selected for the Olympic Games, you will be preparing at the training camp in Krasnoyarsk. What, in your opinion, will be the most difficult before the Olympics?

Aleksandr Galliamov: Everyone has their own difficulties. The main thing is not to create them for yourself. Nastya and I have already gone through a lot, seen a lot, so we know how to cope with certain difficulties. Let’s see, of course. For us it will be a great Olympic experience that will stay with us for a long time.

Anastasia Mishina: Let’s see. First you need to skate at the Olympics.

Aleksandr Galliamov: To compete at the Olympics is a childhood dream of many athletes. We are slowly moving towards our dream.

Anastasia Mishina: Training camp is always good. Thoughts about everyday worries are turned off – studying, cleaning, some household stuff … Only sports remain. Everything needed is here. They take you to training, feed you… Everything is fine. It relaxes a little and relieves stress.

Do you have a recipe for how not to burn out and cope with yourself at the Olympic Games? Everyone says it’s a special event.

Anastasia Mishina: Don’t make a fuss out of this.

Aleksandr Galliamov: Fans and journalists like to whip it up. And we are athletes. Our job is to compete. Competitions may differ in status…

Anastasia Mishina: but our job is to skate.

You are progressing fast. Your collection is missing one title – the main one. What character traits do you think helped you to quickly achieve such results?

Aleksandr Galliamov: We have a fighting character. We are not retreating, we are doing our best, we know what we need to do and we are doing it. If something doesn’t work out, we don’t give up. For example, today in training I did not succeed in a jump combination.

Anastasia Mishina: I was surprised.

Aleksandr Galliamov: Probably, another athlete could get discouraged, say, it doesn’t work out, and it won’t work out at the competitions either, and this could turn into a tragedy. But I knew that I would pull myself together and do it. I will make this element any way, which I succeeded further.

Anastasia Mishina: In short, what helped us is perseverance, determination, trust in the coach. Still, it is important when you trust the coach 100%, and the coach feels it, and tries to give you more and more, and it helps emotionally. Such relationships make people closer, and this is already such a sports family.

Tamara Nikolaevna is a wise person, for sure, gives you advice, talks with you in order to train your minds as well. What do you remember the most?

Anastasia Mishina: I feel very calm when Tamara Nikolaevna says before the competitions: “Oh, will it be my sixth, or seventh Olympics? I have 10 Olympic champions. 20 world champions.” And this gives such confidence that the coach knows what to do, that the coach is doing everything right. And you just have to follow and listen to the coach. This gives you confidence that everything is going as it should.

Aleksandr Galliamov: I completely agree. Tamara Nikolaevna is a very experienced specialist. Knows how to train athletes. We are very grateful that we were given the opportunity to switch to Tamara Nikolaevna’s group. And we remain grateful that they work with us, they devote time to us so that we can improve.

Anastasia Mishina: It’s a big advantage that we skated in two different groups. In the first group with Lyudmila Georgievna and Nikolai Matveyevich Velikovs, we skated for three years. And this experience of the great coaches – Velikovs and Moskvina – has developed and allowed us to take the best.

Aleksandr Galliamov: Thanks to the coaches Velikovs, that Anastasia and I have the right technique, which now helps us a lot. We try to refine and improve.

How will you celebrate the victory?

Anastasia Mishina: We need to get enough sleep first.

Aleksandr Galliamov: Tomorrow we can take a walk, go to a restaurant, drink coffee …

Anastasia Mishina: Very beautiful old center of Tallinn. Let’s take a walk.

Aleksandr Galliamov: The old city is very beautiful. And we have two days before the gala. We will cheer for our guys.

Anastasia Mishina: I’m ready to join the fans tomorrow. I even brought a flag with me. I will shout the loudest and wave the Russian flag!

Aleksandr Galliamov: So we will have such a fan rest.


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