Aliona Kostornaia: “Medicine is my dream, and I am not going to give it up”

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Aliona Kostornaia answered questions from the fans on Instagram.

source: Kostornaia team Instagram account, text version

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What motivates and inspires you? Not only on the ice, but also in life.

Aliona Kostornaia: I motivate and inspire myself, so this is a movement of my ambitions, I’ll make every effort, but I will do as I wanted.

What is your perfect evening?

Aliona Kostornaia: I myself decide what it will be, and it all depends on the circumstances. I can spend it with friends, I can sit in a room with very loud music.

Do you play any musical instruments?

Aliona Kostornaia: I am learning to play the violin, I want to learn to play the piano.

Why did you decide to give up the dream of medicine? (Aliona entered the University of physical culture – ed)

Aliona Kostornaia: I have not give up medicine, I am actively studying chemistry and biology, I plan to enter medical university in 3-4 years, this is my dream, and I am not going to give it up, no matter what it costs me.

Do you want to have another animal?

Aliona Kostornaia: Of course, a horse, preferably two, one beautiful, the other for jumping.

Do you have a book / movie that has influenced you?

Aliona Kostornaia: These are Henry Marsh’s “Do No Harm” and “Admissions. Life as a Brain Surgeon”.

Do you have a style icon? Who helps you to choose outfits and clothes?

Aliona Kostornaia: In general, I watch fashion shows, I really like the way Zhenya Medvedeva dresses, just wow! And, of course, Dasha Pavlyuchenko (Russian pair skater) helps me.

What are your favorite places in Moscow and where do you want to visit?

Aliona Kostornaia: In Moscow, I can’t single out specific places, but I don’t give up hopes of jumping from 207 meters in Sochi “Skypark”.

English or French?

Aliona Kostornaia: I love French very much, but I speak only English.


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