Anna Shcherbakova: “I will not allow myself to miss the Russian Nationals”

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Anna Shcherbakova, two-time Russian national champion, told how she was recovering from pneumonia and preparing for Russian Nationals.

source: Channel 1, text version

Anna Shcherbakova: After the Russian Cup stage in Sochi I was preparing for the Grand Prix, I felt good, but as it turned out, the disease began in a latent form.

I was asymptomatic, while practicing, nothing really happened. Then I sharply felt worse. It was the first day, we immediately did a bunch of different examinations and analyzes. And it turned out that I had been ill for some time.

I had to withdraw from the competitions. But for me this withdrawal from Rostelecom Cup was not as significant at that moment, I knew that the Russian Nationals was ahead.

It seemed like a lot of time was ahead, but I understood that this was serious. Pneumonia does not heal in a week. And immediately we tried to build a plan for the Russian Nationals.

The peak of the disease has already passed, so I returned to trainings. Of course, now it is impossible to work in full force, as we usually prepare for competitions. I train separate elements without limitations, but we have not been doing whole run-throughs for a long time now – it can have a bad effect.

I do not do full run-through, but I hope that by the start I will get in shape and be ready to perform at full strength.

When I returned from serious injuries, there was no such rush to specific competitions, I recovered calmly. Here, I will not allow myself to miss the Russian Nationals.

It seems to me that I will come there in any condition and will show everything I can. Still it’s a selection for more important competitions. I just won’t forgive myself if I don’t even try to perform, qualify, but sit at home watching everyone compete.


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One response to “Anna Shcherbakova: “I will not allow myself to miss the Russian Nationals””

  1. jack says:

    You are a precious human being, Anna. Your beauty lies deep within, where it counts the most, and is matched by your physical beauty. You radiate something hard to describe with mere words. It is more than pulchritude, more than grace, more than purity. Something about you reminds us of the divine, that which transcends the finest beauty of our world. It is true.
    Russia has already won first place through the exquisite splendor of who you are and your unatched skills. Alina and Kamila, too. The rest of the world looks on in amazement at you three extraordinary young women. You have altered forever the very fabric of figure skating. Mankind searches for true beauty, to be awed by the exceptional piece of music or paintings. You have given all of us the thrill of finding unsurpassed beauty through who you are as you glide acrobatically on ice and through the air like angels.

    Your health is more important than all the competions combined. We admire you no matter what.

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