European Championships 2018. Men’s SP 

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Hi, today I’m writing from the arena. Here I’m going to post some quick notes about competitions and skaters.
First warm-up on the ice.

Conor McGregor Stakelum has nice lines and definitely saw Jada Russo’s program to Red Violin.

Turkish guy Burak is incredibly stylish. His hairstyle overshadowed his skating. Ok, it was nice performance and the audience quite liked it.

2nd Warm up

Romain Ponsart is very handsome, but it wasn’t his day, unfortunately. I totally missed Jiri’s SP because Tomas was so close to me wearing his red pants. But I definitely know what’s missing in Nathan Chen’s costume, it’s big white cross all over his back..

3d warm up

The warm up started with Hallelujah, oh that was cruel. Some more or less successful 3a and quad (Slavik and Igor) were there. But honestly most of all I liked the guy from Norway. Very nice and sincere skating.

4th warm up

Daniel Albert Naurits – nice skating, lovely program. I was happy that he didn’t do anything with Chopin….I was so naive) There was a bang at the end. Seems I need a libretto.

5uh warm up

Things are getting better) Majorov not his best skate, but the audience liked him. Paul Fentz looks much better live then on tv. That’s weird) Stephane Walker looked much stronger yesterday at practice, but he has nice lines.

6th warm up

Oh, how many times have I reminded myself not to love Czech skaters. Typical Michael…. Unfortunately.

I really liked Italian guy Matteo Rizzo. He’s very promising. Hope he’ll get a quad. The same about Deniss Vasiljevs. Great performance, fast spins, nice lines. He has everything except the quad. But this was one of those times when a clean skate with solid triples was enough to be 3d after he short program. Denis gets a small medal at the European Championships! Great achievement for Jim’s and his coach.

Stephane by the way prepared for winter in Russia and brought some furs:

Moris – that was sad. Daniel – that was very sad(

Last warm up

Alexei Bychenko knows how to entertain the audience. But unfortunately it also was not his dsy.

Misha…. Oh that was an unexpected disaster. Maybe the expectations of home crowd pressured on him too much. But I need to say that he has the best skating skills at this event. And his jumps are so effortless! I’m impressed, but his sp doesn’t work for me even after seeing it live.

Alexander Samarin tried to show some nice lines…. Yesterday… At practice… On crossovers. Today – no jumps, no program.

Dmitri Aliev looks very handsome in his costume for the short program. It was solid skating! But still the music was stronger then him.

I love Javi, his program is charming, the audience love him, it was strong and almost perfect performance. But please, can I say this? His skating skills are weaker then Kolyada’s….. not only Kolyada’s… Nevertheless seems another title is already his)

No, you can keep them


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