European Championships 2018. Pair’s SP

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After 7 men’s warm ups it was so nice to watch pairs)

Some quick notes from the arena.

Spanish pair is promising. The girl has very nice lines.

After Aliona and Bruno withdrew Annika Hocke and Ruben Blommaert remained the only German pair at this even. They tried their best to show solid skating. Not everything turned out, but it’s their first season together. And I think Ruben looks much better with this girl than with his previous partner.

Every time I hear this song from Austrians’ sp I want to sing……. loudly;)

Nicole and Matteo improved a lot in lines and presentation of the program. Now I know it for sure. Oh and Matteo is so handsome……

Tarasova and Morozov skated faster then everyone, have the most powerful skating, the most impressive elements and the most empty programs. And for some reason their music sounded as it wasn’t a good quality recording….plus horrible cut of poor Rachmaninov.

Valentina and Ondrej were the favorites of the audience. They were on fire and people were clapping during the entire program!! I have a bad feeling that they should have placed higher…..

While Tarasova and Morozov are the fastes, Stolbova and Klomov are the most mature and polished pair (totally deserved the highest PCS). Kasenia looks super fit! Fedor is as always handsome. But… It’s a weird feeling that I had watching their performance, that for sure something will go wrong(

Zabijako – Enbert – lovely lyrical program, good elements (except the jump which wasn’t parallel at all) but so boring (

As I said yesterday after seeing practice, Vanessa and Morgan were the best. Maybe they don’t have such a powerful skating or they’re not so polished, but I see a big desire to win, to show what they’re capable of! You can feel this sporting hunger. Loved them. They’re impressive. And they both look so hot)


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