Top-10 best costumes. Men season 2016-2017

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We continue to discuss fashion. Today we will talk about men.

As always, someone’s costumes will be called good, someone’s will get a note “Burn it immediately” or “Take it off immediately”.

In terms of costumes this season was a bit boring, those costumes that were not boring, were hilarious. Ok, life isn’t perfect, we’re still looking for the balance.

Trends of the season: men in black, sale in the shopping mall, an ombre omnipotent and Japanese creativity, each time amazes me to the core. But in general – boredom.

10. Sergei Voronov and Jorik Hendrickx

Sergei Voronov

I do not know what, but something draw my attention to this costume. Agree, there is something about this “fragmentation” finishing. In these pieces of a mirror, ice … or is it metal? Something futuristic … .. In general, interesting concept. Let’s take a note, this idea could be reworked into really interesting costume.

Jorik Hendrickx

Jorik started the season on a merry note, but ended on a sad one.

The season started pretty good – with a bright canary long sleeve. Tightly fitting, nice finishing on the shoulders and sleeves. It was stylish and cheerful. It also reminded me of Carolina’s dress for Shostakovich SP (2011-2012). A flash of light amidst gloom. I wanted to praise, but then Jorik decided to change both the program and the costume. Then there was the grayness …… well sewn, well fitted, but dull. And it all ended with an ombre. Honestly, It would be better to keep just gray shirt.

9. Boyang Jin and Brendan Kerry

Boyang Jin

This season Boyan was dressed well. I like that they don’t try to present him as cute boy in plush. Among his costumes of Spider-Man I prefer the second version – less literal, more abstract and slightly in the techno style. Rivets on trousers matched well with the top, but reminded me of Chafik Besseghier’s permanet pants. The top is stylized very well (although, better he’d have borrowed Kovtun’s costume for Muse).

Boyang Jin

The sweater for the FP was pretty. With traditional for “The Road” programs strips. Such a ready-to-wear casual. It was better without a vest. I like waistcoats, but there it was absolutely unnecessary – the costume already had enough contrast combinations. However, without a vest, the sweater started to ride up during spins (I do not like it when it happens), it was necessary to think about this moment. But overall it was a good costume.

Brendan Kerry

In the short program good boy Brendan presented us with a classic, standard look – “Variation on the theme of a vest”. Banal, but elegant. Pink tie for a change. Cool hairdo. What else do you want? Guys are saving the imagination for the Olympic season.

Brendan Kerry

Thanks to the Old Gods and the New, there was no pirate costume for the Halloween in the free program. Apparently, he chose the role of Will Turner.

Well, non-standard. In any case, the costume turned out well. In unexpectedly purple shades. Why not? Let it be purple. There were enough details, the image was clear and Brendan did not look like he had escaped from a costume party. One but. Guys should be choose the fabric for their costumes carefully. It’s not good when spots of sweat are visible.

8. Misha Ge and Shoma Uno

Misha Ge

I don’t like the jumpsuits on adults and I have many questions to this latex with rhinestones. But, Misha at least tried to have a real costume. Such a rich finishing, looking at this splendor, you expect at least Swan Lake. This costume look alot like costume of prince or dark wizard. But no, it was Paint it black) And everything would have been fine, but the waistline created the effect of a small tum.

Misha Ge

In the free program there finally was a prince. In a richly (but tastefully) decorated white and gold doublet – everything is as it should be.

Misha Ge

More precisely, in a successful adaptation – without puffs on the shoulders and ribbons. I have no questions to the top. But the pants are too skinny, aren’t they? On the other hand, this is ballet, so we probably should say thank you for no tights (meanwhile, Max Aaron is sobbing over such a waste of a great costume idea).

Shoma Uno

I’m waiting for that bright day, when there will be a plush crisis in Japan. In the meantime, since nothing can be done *plus under my windows the Japanese will soon break up the camp and arrange a demonstration * let’s try to find something positive.

In general …. in general the idea of the costume for FP is not bad. They finally tried to visually extend his legs. And if there were no plushy pants, and no transparent part on the back … would be quite good. The bolero is good. Even being made of plush. With a beautiful “fiery” finishing.

7. Michael Christian Martinez and Denis Ten

Michael Christian Martinez

Martinez prove himself as a fan of elaborate, sophisticated costumes with a rich finishing. Therefore, I expected some costume magnificence from him and was surprised and disappointed to see  “Joubert in his best years” costume in the SP and creative minimalism in the FP. It’s better not to say anything about costume for the SP. Just burn it.

In the FP, Michael Christian remained true to himself and his favorite historical costumes. The costume is ambiguous. But there is something interesting and drawing attention in this long jacket. I also liked the combination of gray-purple and beige. Hey, does anyone want to skate to the Game of Thrones playing Petyr Baelish? I found you a suitable costume for you!

Denis Ten

After armour-costume with abs and thorns on shoulders in the SP, I was pleasantly surprised by the costume for  the FP.  Fortunately, the designer ran out of imagination and recalled the old-good costume classics.

The top turned out very beautiful. Moderately plain, with elegant finishing. Oh this slightly burgundy shade!) Costume looked  noble and expensive. The top is simply gorgeous. Oh yes … .. there were plushy pants. Here I need to say that Denis is one of those few skaters on whom they look ok.

6. Nathan Chen and Grant Hochstein

Nathan Chen

Well first appearance of corsair Chen didn’t impressed much – mistaken him with Aladdin from the cartoon. He prepared better for the second time – decided to be an adult, stylish and laconic. Well, we have a Spanish program in black, so why not? Everything could have been fine, but guipure……I have some doubts … .for sure I’ve already seen it … .. from the back) Patrick, did you give Nathan the contacts of your designer?)

Grant Hohshtain

Those who do not want to sew another set of “white shirt – black trousers”, but are not brave enough for a full costume experiment, note Grant’s ideas.

There were two options for the short program. Both are quite nice. The blue electrician is bright enough and attracts attention, plus a bit of rhinestone and here it is – a costume for competition.

The second one I liked more. Not in terms of color (well, at least not a killing dose of ombre), but in terms of concept. I like the drapery and this asymmetrical wedge looks quite interesting.

Grant Hochstein

There was one more nice shirt in the free program. A compromise between “clothes from the mall” and “full stage costume”. They add some drapery, rhinestones, decorated the neckline, used that beautiful vinous color and it already looks like “well, he thought about his costume, not just put on first that fell out of the wardrobe”. And that’s appreciated.

5. Michal Brezina, Nam Nguyen and Javier Fernandez

Michal Brezina

Michal is elegant as a vampire. Apparently, keeping the old SP, he decided to refresh the overall look with a new variation of the costume. It was not a good idea. In a tuxedo, with this cute red polka dot pocket-square he looked amazing. Elegant, but with the charm of slight negligence. Last year it was one of my most favorite costumes. It’s hard to think of something better. There was no need to change it. White shirt and untied bow tie? Michal, are you serious? Leave it to followers)

Michal Brezina

The costume for the FP was not too expressive or memorable. But it was pretty good. Why? Because I like when men even wearing a stage costumes remain men. The black shirt is beautiful. A few thin belts – stylish. Bleeding heart or whatever it was – I don’t like it)

 Nam Nguen

Not for the first time I like how Nam Nguyen is dressed. Simply, elegantly and tastefully. And why? Because “classical” clothes have not spoiled anyone yet. For the SP they chose a blue polo shirt with a white collar and classic trousers. Sky blue is very refreshing, and trousers are fitted excellently. So do not say that it’s impossible to sew good trousers because of specifics of figure skating. It’s possible.

White shirt and untied bow-tie is, of course, a new word and a revolution in fashion) Well, looking at the amount of “masterpieces” under the heading “What was that?” I have less desire to make jokes about white shirts. They’re much better than all that creativity that you will see in my next post “Take it off immediately”. Nam’s clothes are well-sewn and I also like two moments: no belt from a nearby store and light sleeves that have smoothed out the lack of beautiful lines.

JAvier Fernandez

Javier was never a fan of rhinestones and ruches macho don’t wear ruches, but this season Javi went completely to the minimalism. Of course, I love and respect minimalism, so I like the idea of this plain costume with “leather” inserts aka Javier’s  favorite suspenders. But … .. I think the program didn’t benefit from this change of costume. It lost the brightness and color.

But the experiment with modern minimalism itself was quite successful. This tight-fitting top suits Javi a lot) But what happened to the trousers…… again? Whether they were sewn badly from the beginning, or Javier lost weight during the season.

JAvier Fernandez

Even though there were no suspenders in the free program, Javi wears something like from his own closet. Although … remembering some costumes for Elvis programs….Javi, thank you for your conservatism and saving our nerves. Pants are better than in the short program, shirt – with a refreshing pink insert, a little retro. In general, exactly what this program needed.

4. Maxim Kovtun, Sihyeong Lee and Kavin Aymoz

Maxim Kovtun

The outfit for the short program is very interesting. Leather pants, white T-shirt and a stylish jacket. The combination of a black leather jacket with a white T-shirt is already a classic of the genre, which rarely leaves the females indifferent. Max went further and introduced the adaptation of a bomber with contrasting emblems. It’s great, trending, youth. It looked both as a “fashionable branded thing”, and as a “costume” in the style of the program.

Honestly, I don’t remember what music this Korean guy was skating to, but I definitely remembered how he was dressed.

First of all, cheers! He wears something different than black trousers! Unfortunately there’s no much diversity with this garment in figure skating. But what I especially remember is the shirt. Such a cool design! Shirt can be taken to the podium or photoset! Well, without tie.

Kavin Aymoz

Yes, yes, since recently I have a special weakness for gray sweaters. But Kevin Aymoz is here not because of this reason) His gray sweater is a great thing. Stylish, free cut, with tucked sleeves. I really want to touch it, to feel the fabric, to evaluate its quality and make sure that it is an expensive thing from a good store. And a some rhinestones. Exactly as much as necessary to make it look like a costume.

3. Nathan Chen and Shoma Uno

Nathan Chen

Nathan, thank you for the elaborate, richly embroidered costume for the free program.  I like simplicity, but some programs simply oblige and the soul demands to burn the ombre effect fabulous costume. Luxurious caftan opened to the waist, with massive ornaments. Elegant. Simply gorgeous. No, it’s not too much. Just enough to create an impressive, bright image, corresponding to such powerful music. The costume looks equally good in dynamics and in static on the photo.

Shoma Uno

By the end of the season, a miracle happened – moth ate Shoma’s violet plush. So he had to get a new costume. My joy practically knew no bounds. Pants, of course, again are made of plush (I begin to suspect that Shoma is bound by a rigid contract with the manufacturer of plush fabrics), but honestly the black plush is much better than purple!

But the shirt is wonderful. With a beautiful finishing on the collar. This shirt is one of the most beautiful things of this season. So do not say that I love and appreciate only laconism and minimalism). What is beautiful, is beautiful.

2. Jason Brown and Han Yan

And yet the love for simple but elegant men’s costumes took over me. Sorry, I can’t help myself. There was a lot of black this season, but some men in black really got under my skin.

JAson Brown

This season Jason surprised me! It is difficult to expect elegant costumes from the regular participant of  rubric “What was that?” And then such a transformation! Even a new hairstyle.

Yes, another man in black. In elegant black. In a damn elegant black. Nothing extra. Nothing distracts from skating and he looks so great. What else can be said?)

Han Yan

Well, at the beginning of the season, Han Yan made an attempt to step out of the fashion ranking by demonstrating a bright blue jacket with sleeves from a ladies blouse. An unforgettable image worthy of  rubric “Burn it immediately” Therefore, the radical change of style left a double impression. Plain, elegant set. There is something noble in this shirt with wide translucent sleeves and a standing collar. Damn good.

  1. Jason Brown and Patrick Chan

Jason Brown

And our unexpected winner.

The fact that, skating to the James Bond OST, Jason has no tuxedo or a white shirt with a tie, already deserves an honorable prize. These days, it’s already a breakthrough in costume fashion) The costume is moderate, laconic, but with some interesting details. You want to look at it again more closely. The buttoned gray jacket looks stylish, expensive and even high-fashion. And trousers – perfectly sewn trousers.

PAtrick Chan

It so happened, that my most favorite costume of the season was worn by my favorite skater. Should I say something? Is it possible for me not to like something? After seeing Patrick wearing this costume at Finland Trophy, I was sure that this is my champion and no accusations of bias will not prevent me from calling him the best. Moreover, I have arguments.

Firstly, the costume completely corresponds to my ideas of beauty: a man should remain a man. Secondly, the costume goes well with the style of the program. Thirdly, these are well-made, well-fitted garments that emphasize all the advantages of the figure. Oh and he looks so good, black suits him)



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