Alexei Mishin: “Amber Glenn is commendable for mastering triple axel at her age”

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Alexei Mishin told that he disagrees with the statements that figure skating has ‘died’ without Russians.

original source: RSport

photo Alexander Vilf / RIA Novosti

“I do not share the position of those who believe that figure skating has died without Russians,’ said Alexei Mishin

He also commented on 24-year-old Amber Glenn’s performance of a triple axel at the US Nationals.

“The girl (Glenn) is commendable for mastering the ultra-C element at her age. The execution of complex elements always affects other elements. I have encountered this several times when my students first learned the triple axel, and later, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva mastered it, and then the guys learned quadruple jumps, two quads, and so on,’ Mishin added.


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One response to “Alexei Mishin: “Amber Glenn is commendable for mastering triple axel at her age””

  1. Dominique says:

    Finally someone with class (I also remember Elizaveta talking respectfully about skaters from other countries).
    I think the rest of ROC should take classes from profesor Mishin. Not only skating classes, but how to behave as well.

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