Tatiana Mishina: There are no such athletes in Europe as Tutberidze and Arutyunyan have, and ISU doesn’t want the competition to stop

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Interview with Tatiana Mishina, wife of Alexei Mishin and coach in his group. Partly translated. by Alexander [...]

Alexei Mishin: Liza is the guiding star for skaters who are older than 15 and weigh more than 40 kg

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Alexei Mishin about Elizaveta Tuktamysheva's performance at Grand Prix Skate America 2019. Alexei Mishin: It is [...]

Alexei Mishin: It was decided to master this program with music of a different nature first

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Alexei Mishin explained all the music changes in Elizaveta Tuktamysheva's short program. As always in his inimitable [...]

Inna Goncharenko: In many things junior girls are much stronger than some senior skaters

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Interview with Inna Goncharenko. About Russian junior girls and their upcoming season and Liza Tuktamysheva changing [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [09.08-16.08.2019]

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Part 1 “On the ice” Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and Alexei Mishin Kaitlyn Weaver Alexandra Boikova [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [02.09-09.09.2019]

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Part 1 “On the ice” Alexei Mishin and Sofia Samodurova Maxim Kovtun Part 2 “Incredibly [...]

Alexei Mishin: Tennell amazes me with her hard working

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Alexei Mishin about his work with Bradie Tennell at the training camp in Courchevel. [...]

Alexei Mishin: Work with foreign athletes enriches coaches

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Recently, Japanese media has published the news that Shoma Uno finished his cooperation with coach Mihoko Higuchi. [...]

Alexei Mishin: We need more benevolence and sympathy for the wonderful skaters

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Alexei Mishin about the decision to include Medvedeva into the team for Worlds 2019. by matchtv.ru How do you [...]

Alexei Mishin: For me, this is a very painful question.

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Alexei Mishin about the decision to include Evgenia Medvedeva into the team to World Championships 2019. by [...]

Alexei Mishin: The combination of Russian technique and American choreography gave the Japanese high results

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Interview with Alexei Mishin. by Elena Danilevich for aif.ru Alexei Nikolaevich, last week it was reported [...]

Alexei Mishin: Figure skating now takes an example from TV shows where they discuss who slept with whom

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Interview with Alexei Mishin At the start of the season, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva managed to surprise everyone. [...]

Alexei Mishin: Those who can’t show the power of the jump, they fetish steps before the jump

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Alexei Mishin about Elizaveta Tuktamysheva's performance at NHK Trophy 2018. The minimum task has been solved. As [...]

Alexei Mishin: The judges see the world record and score it negatively

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Alexei Mishin about Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and Evgenia Medvedeva's performances at Skate Canada 2018. - It was one [...]

Alexei Mishin: A new era of figure skating begins and it will be interesting

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Alexei Mishin about Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and new rules. Liza's axel i"breathes" positively, I think and I hope that [...]

Tatiana Tarasova and Alexei Mishin: Records remain in history forever

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Tatiana Tarasova and Alexei Mishin about changes in ruleas which lead to new records. There is nothing terrible about [...]

Alexei Mishin: “+5” will give an opportunity for broad voluntarism

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Alexei Mishin about changes in rules: As for "+5", I still think that this is doubtful decision, it gives an [...]

Evgenia Medvedeva left from coach Eteri Tutberidze?

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Almost a week fans have been discussing that Evgenia Medvedeva is going to change a coach. Of course all our favorite [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [04.03-11.03.2018]

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This week was pretty quiet, not many photos were posted (I mean not that many as usual), probably spring has come and [...]

Alexei Mishin: We plan to complicate technical content of Costner’s program

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Carolina Kostner returned to Alexei Mishin to prepare for the World Championships 2018. Carolina came to St. [...]

Alexei Mishin: I regret that you can not award two gold medals

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I really don't understand what's going on in Russian figure skating. They won gold and silver, but the mood among the [...]

Alexei Mishin: Only misfortune can prevent Russian girls to win

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Alexei Mishin about chances of Russian skaters to win medals at the Olympic Games 2018 in Pyeongchang:  In pairs we [...]

Alexei Mishin: There is nothing good in confrontation of Medvedeva and Zagitova

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Alexei Mishin about results of European Championships 2018 and competition inside one group. Let's start with the [...]

Alexei Mishin: At Cup of China judgment had pro East orientation

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Alexei Mishin commented on Elizaveta Tuktamysheva's scores and performance sat Cup of China 2017. Liza caught the [...]