Minerva Fabienne Hase’: “I’m very upset, and honestly, angry at myself. I really wanted to get on the podium. I thought about it all the time. And burned out.”

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Translation of Minerva Fabienne Hase’s comments about the results at the European Championships 2024.

original source: sports.ru

photo Lintao Zhang – International Skating Union 

Minerva Fabienne Hase and Nikita Volodin finished fifth in pairs competitions. They were in second place after the short program.

Here’s a translation of Minerva’s comments reported by sports.ru journalist Maya Bagriantseva.

“Of course, this is not the result we were hoping for here. I am very upset, and honestly, angry at myself. Yes, emotions will settle, and I will understand that something useful can be taken from this experience. The main thing is not to get fixated on the medals. I really wanted to get on the podium here, to the point of trembling. It doesn’t matter which one, just a medal – I thought about it all the time. And burned out.

Yes, externally, I wasn’t very nervous, but in the performance, everything went wrong. There was a whirlwind of thoughts in my head; I couldn’t concentrate on the elements. After the fall, I even sighed – okay, goodbye, gold, but now you can relax. But then one mistake after another…

A nightmare, just a bad dream. After the axel, it became clear that the podium had slipped away from us. Well, the lift – the icing on the cake. Nikita is not to blame; my hand just slipped. One on one, you understand.

Our coach, Dmitry Savin, always warns us that a failure can happen to anyone – and you have to be prepared for it. It’s just disappointing that it happened at the European Championships. Well, we’ll learn from it.

Nikita is very upset – this is his first major tournament, and it’s hard for him to overcome. You know, you wouldn’t even say that he’s a debutant. This is probably his Russian character – he is very stable and clear. We will cope with this disappointment; we need to look ahead,” – Sports.ru correspondent Maya Bagriantseva reports.


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