Kamila Valieva: “Currently, due to certain circumstances, I cannot set specific goals. But I want to skate as long as my health allows.”

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Translation of Kamila Valieva’s comments about the situation with her doping case and shared what helps her to overcome difficulties.

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Q: Many people admire you. How, at such a young age, do you find the strength to endure all the trials?

Kamila Valieva: There is probably something inside me, some kind of core that I may not be aware of myself. Of course, there was a moment when I lost heart. But then the love for what I do helped, the support of coaches, family, and friends. It especially helps when people don’t turn away from you in difficult times.

Q: You look very confident now, despite all the circumstances. What helps you abstract from them?

Kamila Valieva: However difficult it may be, you have to keep living. I just want to pursue my favorite activity, to which I have dedicated so many years.

Q: What motivates you to continue your career?

Kamila Valieva: I love the ice, love skating, still enjoy competing. And I just want to make my coaches, my loved ones, and my fans happy, – said the figure skater.”

Kamila Valieva commented on the discussion of her doping story during the Olympics.

“At first, it was challenging. I tried not to read the comments, but unfortunately, sometimes I saw some news. Now I can understand where there is criticism that you can listen to and where it’s just negativity. It comes with experience.

Now I understand that it’s very right (not to go on social media during competitions). I should have lost my phone during the Olympics. Disconnecting from social media during competitions is the best decision,” said the figure skater.

Kamila Valieva revealed that she cannot set goals at the moment. The figure skater stated that she is waiting for news regarding the eligibility of Russian athletes for the 2026 Olympics in Italy.

“I would like to wait for news about the Winter Olympics. At the moment, it is unclear what the admission criteria will be, how many athletes can go…

Currently, due to certain circumstances, I cannot set specific goals. But I want to skate as long as my health allows,” said Valieva.


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