Sofia Muravieva: “I’m proud that I’m an emotional person, that I’m not standing like a wooden board, you know. I can show my emotions on the ice.”

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Translation of Sofia Muravieva comments about showing her emotions on the ice.

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Sofia Muravieva, 2024 Russian Nationals silver medalist spoke about being emotional on the ice. Here’s a translation of her comments.

Q: From the outside, you seem to be a very delicate nature, deeply affected by any, even not very significant, setbacks. Is that so?

Sofia Muravieva: Yes. I don’t know, maybe it’s my age now… But I believe that every person has the right to emotions – to cry somewhere, to rejoice somewhere. We are all human, we have equal rights. And I don’t think that needs to be changed.

I am proud that I am an emotional person, that I am not standing like a wooden board, you know. I can show my emotions on the ice. And I am grateful for everything that gives me this opportunity.

Q: Plushenko called you a mature, conscious figure skater. What has changed in you over time, as experience came?

Sofia Muravieva: I think I still don’t have much experience; it is only being gained. If I had experience, I wouldn’t have made such a mistake on the step sequence in the short program at the Russian Nationals. I hope that with time, experience will come to me, and I will be able to use it.

Q: Such considerations directly align with plans for a long career.

Sofia Muravieva: Well, in any case, it is precisely a long career that I am counting on. Still. And it will always be so.”


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