Kostornaia shared a story how Ksenia Stolbova yelled at her in the locker room: “After that, I was scared to approach her for my whole life while she was skating.”

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Translation of Alena Kostornaia’s comments about an incident with pair skater Ksenia Stolbova.

original source: Figurka youtube channel

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Here’s a translation of Alena Kostornaia’s comments sharing an incident where Ksenia Stolbova (pair skater, 2014 Olympic champion in the team) scolded her in the locker room.

“Alena Kostornaia: At the Grand Prix Final in Japan, we were leaving practice, and after us, senior pair skaters were on the ice. Sasha (Trusova), Nastya Tarakanova, and I were discussing something fervently. Nastya and I are very loud, very! We were yelling over each other, and the locker room was a small square.

Ksenia Stolbova was getting ready for her practice there. I had never talked to her before and was a bit afraid. We entered with our loud notes, and she started yelling at us! Apparently, it disturbed her. ‘You’ve already practiced; let others have a turn. Have you completely lost your manners?’

And I was scared to approach her my whole life while she was skating. Very scared! Later, when I went to the Russian Nationals and encountered her in the locker room, I just sat in the corner,” Kostornaia recounted.”


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