Alexandra Trusova: “People were also saying ‘If there were a second gold, I would give it to you,’ they think they support you. The only thing I asked fans was not to make me a medal.”

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Translation of Alexandra Trusova’s comments made during podcast show for Evgenia Medvedeva’s youtube channel.

original source: “No Comments” youtube channel

photo RIA Novosti

Here’s a translation of Alexandra Trusova answering questions from Evgenia Medvedeva on her YouTube show “No Comments.”

Medvedeva: Looking back at your sports career, are you satisfied with everything?

Trusova: Yes, of course. As the saying goes, everything happens for the best. I wouldn’t change anything at all.

Medvedeva: I went abroad to another coach, and it happened quickly. It was easier for me to be around people who wouldn’t say: “It’s a pity, but for me, you are an Olympic champion anyway.”

I was running away from this atmosphere and the idea that everyone would approach me, pat me on the shoulder, and say: “But you still… if there were a second gold, I would give it to you, of course.” Did people say this to you? Did you feel the desire to escape from it? I ran away, and it was terrible for me.

Trusova: Yes, of course, they said such things exactly. People are not to blame; they think they supported you. I think they didn’t understand you.

The only thing I asked for was not to make me a medal. They wanted to make me a medal like the one they gave you, but I asked them not to do it. I immediately told my mom, and she passed it on.

Medvedeva: The problem was that I didn’t know they were doing it for me.

Trusova: I didn’t know either, but I knew they did it for you. And I told my mom: Mom, please, don’t let them make me a medal. I don’t need a medal.

Medvedeva: The title is essential. The title and such a mark in your career. But, in fact, I have two such medals. Recently, another one appeared – an exact copy of the Olympic one. The one the fans gave me, a modernized version. This one is just a small exact copy.

I was in China, giving master classes. A little girl runs up to me, like, “Hey!” and runs away. As if she sensed something wrong. And I stand there with this medal, surrounded by many Chinese girls.”


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