Anjelika Krylova: “Do I notice something that Dario Cirisano might have learned from Barbara Fusar-Poli? I haven’t noticed anything Italian. He came with the same baggage.”

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Translation of Anjelika Krylova’s comments regarding Dario Cirisano.

original source: RSport dd. 23d October 2023 by Boris Khodorovsky

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Anjelika Krylova commented on working with Dario Cirisano in an interview for RSport.

Here’s the translation of her comments:

Are the new duos (refering to Elizaveta Pasechnik/Dario Cirisano and Vasilisa Kaganovskaia/Maksim Nekrasov) currently in the process of becoming a team, or have new programs already been established?

Anjelika Krylova: The rhythm dance for Lixa and Dario is almost ready. The final touches are left, but the two are already rehearsing it. They quickly got a feel for each other, and the school they had under Alexei Gorshkov’s guidance had a positive influence. I consider my colleague one of the best “technicians” working with ice dancers. I needed to work on the music and the images. Liza and Dario have fantastic energy, and it’s evident that they missed the work.

Working with Cirisano, do you notice anything he might have learned from Barbara Fusar-Poli?

Anjelika Krylova: I think he hasn’t had a chance to pick up anything yet. He came with the same baggage he had when he skated with Irina Khavronina a few months ago. I haven’t noticed anything Italian, except, of course, his last name. But his temperament on the ice does show.”


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